Life's Sweet Journey: February Currently & 2020 Amazon Favorites Roundup

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February Currently & 2020 Amazon Favorites Roundup

 Only 1 month into 2021 and I'm already slacking!

I may have missed it last month, but I am back with my 2020 Amazon Favorites and another Currently Linkup with Anne for a look at what's going on around here lately.

Current Location: Ponchatoula, LA

We have been back on the road for almost a month now and are taking it slow and steady this time. We loved all the sites we fit in last time we were on the road, but taking a month to really dive in and enjoy the surrounding areas without feeling rushed is I think going to be bit more our style. So far we have been into Baton Rouge, NOLA, and Downtown Ponchatoula. We have two more weekends here and are looking forward to a bayou tour.

{Loving} Downtown Ponchatoula! We also really loved Baton Rouge and need to experience NOLA again to better appreciate it, now that we took the first visit in to get the lay of the land. But Downtown Ponchatoula really surprised us. It was super cute and quaint. We went to the Berrytown Corner Cafe and tried their King Cake Beignet Bites and, oh. my. heaven! We will definitely be back for them!

{Sharing} When I saw Christina's 2020 Amazon Roundup I figured it would be fun to share my own; so here are my 2020 Amazon Favorites! 

2020 Amazon Favorites

2020 Amazon Favorites Roundup

Daily To-Do tracker- I absolutely love this non-dated, daily to-do planner. Taking a few minutes each morning to plan my day has made me a lot more productive.
Exploding Kittens- this was our new favorite game find of 2020; think a strange version of Uno (the goal is not to lose your cards, instead the goal is not to explode). The expansion packs also add a lot of fun!
Portable Bluetooth Speaker- perfect for the beach/pool/lake or if you are an RVer with a dually, playing your audiobook on road days because the phone speak isn't loud enough over the engine.
Fairywill Electric Toothbrush- this was such a huge hit when I got mine that we grabbed the upgraded version for Babe
Deep Greens- We have been doing smoothie bowls every morning and I love the way this makes them taste! Filled with green goodness, but without tasting like you are eating a bowl of salad for breakfast.
Handheld Milk Frother- I actually got this to blend my supplements (collagen, fizz, greens...) into my water when I don't make my bowls. Babe thought I was crazy. He now loves it and uses it all the time to spruce up his morning coffee. This one even came with batteries! It's also the perfect cocktail mixer so that you don't have to always get out the shaker.
Detox Soap - Loved this soap with built in scrub from the coffee grounds. Also caught all the of the loose hairs that were stuck to my body haha 
Puzzle Board- I picked up puzzling again during quarantine and this was a life saver, especially being back in the RV it is perfect for either doing puzzles or art in small spaces. I just tuck it under the couch when not using.
Blue Light Glasses- I am on the computer a lot more now and these have been very helpful!

Health, Beauty & Fashion

Argan Oil- This has been a favorite for two years running! So good for both my hair and face.
Face Mask- I only use this once a week (once every two weeks in the winter), but I really like it for a getting a reset for my face and helping with redness.
Hyaluronic acid serum- Another great serum I use in conjunction with the argon oil. I will use this about every other night.
Yes To Face Wipes- Another lifesaver for RV life (or life in general) on nights I don't feel like showering. I get the two pack and sometimes change up what I use, but I prefer the blueberry or grapefruit. 
Revlon Dryer Brush- This. thing. is. amazing! Especially if you tend to have frizzy hair. This saves me from having to blow dry for days and then straighten the heck out of it anytime I plan to dry my hair straight. {mint is currently the cheapest}
Lena Mestrual Cup- I have actually been using a period cup for a few years now and love it; after 2+ years I finally grabbed the second size (hello, 30s life). The Lena Cup is BPA/Plastic/Latex free and is medical grade silicone. If you are and RVer or traveler this is the perfect alternative to tampons. I am an open book if you have any questions.
Black One Piece- This is my favorite Amazon bathing suit purchase to date; between the tummy control and cute back detail it is so flattering (size up)

Maxi Dress- I am not a dress girl, so this is perfect start for people who don't like dresses. Cozy fabric, pockets and cute back detail! (size down)
Two Piece Suit-  I love the one shoulder top with hanging ruffle detail (size up because bottoms are snug)

Plastic Savers 

Tomato Saver- I bought this for our tomatoes and am actually going to buy a second, because it's big enough to fit onions too! BPA-free and dishwasher safe!
Beeswax Wrap- I have really been trying to use less single use plastics and love beeswax wraps! Plus they make my bee loving heart happy. 
Metal Mermaid Straws- Love metal straws and these fun colors! 
Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags- It was finally time to make the big shift. These were one of my most favorite 2020 purchases. BPA, PVC and Chloride-Free they are sturdy, seal completely (I even used one as a waterproof phone holder on the river) and this pack is the perfect variety size.
Avocado Keeper- This came in super handy, as I am pretty sure we ate our weight in avocados and then some in 2020 and 2021 doesn't seem to be slowing down.

I also had so many favorite reads in 2020, but that will have to be a roundup for another day! You can find a good bit of them here in the meantime. 

{Reading} A handful of things right now! I just finished Seven Lies, which was pretty interesting, but the main character was hard to like and her tone of voice had me skimming through to get to the meat of the story. Following that I finally picked up The Heart's Invisible Furies, which my SIL gave me months ago, and I am already enthralled! Babe and I are listening to Matthew McConaughey's Greenlights and just listening to his voice is wonderful, but the book is actually amazing too. I have already found myself copying down so many quotes. I am listening to The Sun Down Motel and though it started to loose me a bit in the middle it's a pretty good, easy listen if you like mysteries with a side of ghosts. Our next book club pick is The Invisible Life of Addie Larue and I am so excited for it!! It has been on my list forever! I also just got my copy of Written in Starlight by the amazing Isabel Ibanez. I read the ARC copy on my phone and it is all things amazing. The cover is dreamy and I can't wait to reread it in print form! Be on the lookout for a Written in Starlight giveaway soon.

{Remembering} Our annual trip with the nieces and nephew to Georgia! My phone created one of those little memory videos for me and it had me all kinds of nostalgic, so I edited it into a short and uploaded it to YouTube. I have now watched it a handful of times and I still smile each time!

{Wishlisting} Not a lot at the moment; we just bought a ton of small items we needed for the camper and we are trying to steer clear of any more purchases. Though I guess if I'm being honest this new beautiful Harry Potter edition has been added to my list after I spotted it in Barnes & Noble. I am also wishlisting all the places I want to go in NOLA when my bestie gets here (HOPEFULLY!)!

And that's it for life around here this month! 
What do you things look like in your world?


  1. Nice to see you and what you're up to! I finally got around to reading The Heart's Invisible Furies last year and I can't believe it took me so long - it is excellent! I've got Addie Larue on my shelf now too to read soon.

    Enjoy your time in Louisiana!

    1. Thank you! and glad you liked Invisible Furies too. I am about 1/4 of the way through and it just keeps getting better.

  2. Beautiful roundup! I love the Revlon one step hair dryer. It saves so much of my time and works great.

  3. Great post! I just purchased some of the beeswax wraps - they came up in a lightening deal and I couldn't pass them up.

  4. Exploding kittens is so fun! We love that game!

  5. Sounds like you are on quite the adventure! The hand held milk frother sounds like a must have!

  6. I have that edition of Harry Potter - it's really cool. I love the MinaLima classics too.


    1. There are other books like that too?! I am going to have to look into them!

  7. Ooo it has been way too long since I have been to NOLA! Enjoy your time there!

    1. Thank you! We were able to fit a lot in and loved exploring the city.

  8. Added a few of these to my cart!!! Excited about the reusable baggies!!

  9. haha I love exploding Kittens! Such a fun game!

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  11. We've been gifted some beeswax wraps and I LOVE them! They're so pretty too! One day I hope to get to Louisiana and eat real beignets :)

    I'm belatedly catching up on my "currently" reading :)

    1. Beeswraps for the win! And the originals were yummy, but I actually preferred these beignet bite things we found at this corner cafe. King Cake beignet bites covered with delicious icing and sprinkles!!

  12. We were just in Ponchatoula, while staying at Tickfaw State Park. So cute!

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