Life's Sweet Journey: How to Take Your Own Couple & Solo Travel Photos

Thursday, January 28, 2021

How to Take Your Own Couple & Solo Travel Photos

Need to know how to take your own couple or solo travel photos? Here's how!

Getting your own couple (or solo) travel photos is actually pretty easy. This little photo hack has also saved us a lot of frustration, as Babe used to get really annoyed with the amount of time it could take to get a picture. You know the drill; set the photo timer, try to beat the clock, only to realize one of us was blinking or had dropped their smile. It usually ended in "gah, we don't need a photo! Do we really have to take another one?" So you're left with forced smiles and the memory of pulling teeth. Here's how we take our own travel photos as a couple, without asking anyone for help, using time-lapse mode: 

How to Take your Own Couple or Solo Travel Photos

You can watch the video above for a quick tutorial or follow these 6 easy steps for taking your own couple travel photos!

Steps for Taking Your Own Travel Photos

Step 1: Chose your photo spot.

Find a backdrop and set the picture up by placing your partner where you would like the camera focused (if solo you can use a stand-in object for where you plan to be one you get into the shot).

Take Your Own Travel Photos

Step 2: Find a secure spot for your phone.

Place the phone so that it is secure. I would highly recommend a small tri-pod. We keep meaning to get one (our last one broke), and then don't think about it until we are somewhere that makes camera placement tough.

Step 3: Turn the phone to time-Lapse mode.

Set the camera to time-lapse mode and make sure the image is focused. I find it helpful if there is someone, or something, in the frame. It makes focusing a lot easier. Then press play!

Step 4: Have a mini photo shoot.

Let it run and have fun with it! Pose, dance, laugh, move around. Make sure to be mindful of how tight the frame is and how much space you gave yourself. You don't want too wide of frame unless you are wanting the scenery to be the larger focus for the photo. 

Step 5: Press Stop!

Take Your Own Travel Photos
Take Your Own Travel Photos

Step 6: Screenshot your favorite moments.

Open the video and pause it, then slowly scroll through the video finding the images/moments you like the most. Take a screenshot of each of your favorite moments. Save the screenshots to your phone and viola!! You have your image(s)!! I love that I can get so many great images from one short video. It beats having to take multiple images hoping to get one good one. I find that I come away with so many more usable photos with a whole lot less frustration.

**Why time-lapse and not video mode? Storage space! Sometimes I like the camera run for 2-3 minutes and sometimes (if we are doing something and trying to catch in-the-moment stills) I may let the camera run for 5 or even 10 minutes. That's a lot of storage space taking up your phone, taking your own photos in time-lapse mode means that the 2-3 minutes converts to about 20 seconds of storage space.

Taking your own couple or travel photos really is as simple as that! 

Did you know this photo hack?
 How do you take your own couple photos?

Take Your Own Couple Travel PhotosTake Your Own Couple Travel Photos

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  1. I struggle a lot with taking pictures of myself that are in focus, thanks for the tips

  2. Taking photos of myself are the hardest for me! I will definitely use these tips.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I don't always have the funds to hire extra hands.

  4. These are great tips for fun photos while on a trip!

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