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I have never really been very good at the whole about me thing.  I've always just been me.  I could tell you about the hubs, family or close friends and go on for hours but they aren't technically the ones running this slice of the blogosphere so I will give myself my best shot.

Me: Name is the easy part- Melanie! It's very nice to "meet" you.
I'm 29.  When I was young I never thought that sounded all that old, and and honestly still don't think it does, but sometimes I feel old.  Sometimes I feel this chaotic mix of a young child living inside an old soul so maybe that explains some of it.  I started this blog as a way to share my passions and love for writing.  I love the feeling of living intentionally that I have found in other blogs I follow and I decided to take a spin with it. This space has changed as much as I have since I started it and I assume it will continue to do so. Tag along why don't ya?

I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and used it to teach for a few years but found that as much as I loved my students I missed the connectedness that seemed to get somewhat lost in the politics of teaching, so I went back to nannying.  However, "my kids" are now all grown up so I only have them part-time after school (it's hard to image I have been with them for 10 years; they are family to me). I currently work in children's ministry at our church. I LOVE, love my jobs and could not happier with where God has placed me.  

Him: I've got this great hubs.  His name is Babe (or Andrew if you must)! You can read more about him here, if you so choose.  I think he's kind of great.  We have been together almost nine years and it has taught me so much; about myself, about life and about what "love" commitment is really all about.

The bigger Him: First and foremost, I believe in Jesus! I always have, but I the older I get the more I have begun to fully understand what a relationship with God means (before He was always the Big Man upstairs).  I will share some of that here, but it's all a learning process.  I am a broken person, living in a broken world, and the fact the His grace is always there leaves me awestruck. 

It (though it's her if you ask me): Just a few months ago we bought an RV. I am not quite sure where the dream came from, but it came and it stuck and now we have Flo!! She is the perfect mix of added adventure for our life right now. Have you hugged an RV today?!
Them: I don't have kids but I take claim to many.  These little people are my heart and soul. Babe says I am just a big kid so maybe that's why I connect with them so, but they show me all the time the wonders of this world that as adults I think we have so ago long forgotten.  These ones right here are the ones I can share with you. I also have the most amazing tribe of people that I call my own. Family and friends and the community around us makes me smile, sometimes frustrates me, but ultimately reminds me that life is so much better together. 

I enjoy reading, traveling (I would love to step foot in all 50 states), watching movies, love spending time with friends and family and well the list goes on with odds and ends... 

Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask!


  1. I'm your newest follower, Melanie! We have a common! I've been enjoying reading some of your older and more recent entries alike! And I'll be looking forward to future posts!

  2. Thanks Emily! So excited to have you here!! I love getting to know new people, especially when we have so much in common! I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your Monday is gearing up to be a beautiful one :)

  3. Next time your in Crystal River Florida stop by Gulf to Lake Church. It's on Hwy 44. Love to have you.

  4. Just found your blog and you're so sweet! I'm a teacher too and it's hard definitely lots of politics. Nice to meet you!!

  5. I have a picture of me hugging Francie, my 1968 Shasta Camper...looks almost just like yours! Yes! I have hugged my camper today! Thanks for your blog, it is encouraging and lovely!

    1. Ahh, I love this!! Yay for a fellow camper-hugger! That was the sweetest encouragement. I am not sure why I am just seeing this. It made my day!

  6. Ima need to take a photo of me hugging my Tiny House! haha What kind of trips do you have planned for the RV?

    1. Haha, you definitely need one! We are heading to West Virginia first and will be there for 3 months. Then it will be back to Florida for a wedding in St Augustine and then it's off to wherever the road may take us.


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