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For giveaways, I require one item to keep (to be used for the review) and one to use for the giveaway. 

My husband and I are currently traveling the USA (and hopefully Canada very soon) in our 2011 Keystone Cougar! If you would like us to feature your product, experience, or establishment shoot us an email and we can discuss what that might look like! We LOVE trying new places! 

More sponsorship details coming soon!

I would love to hear from you!
Have a question? A suggestion? Or just want to leave a friendly hello? 
You can find me at:


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  3. Hi There!!! I keep looking for clues to how you are doing. I am praying for positive things…mostly that they didn’t find anything, but realistically, I hope there is minimal swelling, minimal pain and they got all of it. Praying for you, precious baby and family.


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