Life's Sweet Journey: How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

Getting clean drinking water in an RV may seem like a hard task, but it's actually really simple and doesn't require a lot of setup. When we were just weekend warriors we had yet to work out a good solution for getting purified drinking water in our RV. I hated thinking about all the plastic we were going through with the water bottles we were using, but we finally figured out a solution that works great for us. Here's how we get clean drinking water in an RV.

How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

You can watch the video above to see exactly what and how we purify the water for RV living or follow these 5 easy steps for how to get clean drinking water in an RV. 

Products We Use for Purifying Water in an RV

- Small Brita Pitcher (5 cup) 
- Brita Filter Replacement Pack

Those are the only real necessities, but you should also make sure your hose connecting the camper to the campground water is a fresh, drinking water hose. We also use hose protector attachments at every intake to keep the hose from getting crimped.

5 Easy Steps for How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

Step 1: 

Flush out the in-line water filter for about 3-5 minutes by running water through it directly onto the ground. This will flush out any of the residual charcoal sediment that might make it into the waterline. It is ok if some of the charcoal still goes through to your hose.

How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

Step 2: 

Follow the instructions for attaching the in-line water to your fresh water hose. We secure the filter to the hose protecter, which is secured to the campground water source. We then attach the hose to the other end of the filter and then the hose to the camper itself. We like having the in-line filter because it filters the water throughout the rig including the water we use to shower, brush our teeth, and wash dishes. 

Step 3: 

Set up your Brita pitcher. You will run the filter cartridge under running water for a few minutes (similar to the RV water filter) to flush out any of the access sediment before following the instructions to place it into your pitcher. You basically just line up the one edge of the cartridge that matches the rise in the pitcher lid.

How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV

Step 4: 

Once the filter is secured in the pitcher simply fill the pitcher with water from the sink. If you are replacing an old filter with a new one be sure to press the reset button on the filter so that it will alert you when it's time to change the filter. Again, don't worry if you see some charcoal in your first pitcher of water. It's just some of the remaining loose sediment and isn't harmful.

Step 5:

Place your pitcher in the fridge and use it to enjoy your clean, purified RV drinking water! Simple and easy!!

This method works really well for us. We've thought about upgrading when we see people share about their Berkey systems or the bigger water filtration options, but we do not have a lot of counter space and didn't want something bulky sitting out all the time taking up even more room. This is a simple, easy solution for clean drinking water and is the perfect fit for us! We've been using this method for 2+ years now and don't have plans on changing it anytime soon.

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How to Get Clean Drinking Water in an RV


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