Life's Sweet Journey: This is the Story of a Girl

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is the Story of a Girl

Girl is born on December 18th, 1986.

Girl has a pretty idyllic childhood.  Runs wild and free, has her meals cooked, her clothes washed, her life pretty much taken care of.

Girl grows up a little quickly and tones down the rambunctious child when her family life takes a spin down a road called 'dealing with addiction'.  Girl tries not to wonder how her life would be different had her brother not dealt with those issues.

Girl meets boy! Girl thanks God for boy because boy has taught her so much.  Girl can't help but wonder how her life would be without boy; the picture doesn't look very pretty.  Boy has taught girl how to grow up and why, though at times it seems hard, it is important. Boy helped girl realize the need for self-control.  Girl has also learned quite a bit about the grace of God through boy.

Girl continues to grow-up.  Girl finishes first high-school, then college.  Girl nannies, teaches, goes back to nannying.  Girl is slowly becoming a woman.  Girl learns to pursue her passions.  Girl takes her hobby for photography to a new level.

Somewhere in the mix boy and girl get married, become husband and wife, buy a house, and work on building a life together.

Girl knows that everything along the way, the little moments and the big, make her who she is.  Girl is loving life as a young woman.  Girl is loving being content!

And this right here makes word 250!


Ok, so I am usually not very precise when it comes to keeping to a word count and I didn't plan to be.  I knew if I was going to try to make the story of my life short I would have a take a different spin.  I didn't realize how close I would get.  When I finished with the "girl is loving being content" I was at 243 words (to my surprise).  I then figured lets get fun and make it exactly 250! Hence, that last sentence there.  I can usually be pretty long-winded, but thought I would spare you the nitty-gritty details.


  1. I like the spin you used on this one! Very cute and original. And I'm with you on being concise. It's almost painful to cut so much out, even though I'm sure people aren't even that curious to hear everything I actually have to say!! haha

  2. Hi Melanie! I found you via Jenni's linkup and I thought it was interesting that we both titled our posts "This is the story of a girl" - great minds think alike ;) I love the approach you took with this post and I love your girl meets boy story. I love a good love story! Lol. Nice "meeting" you; I look forward to reading your responses to the rest of the May challenge!


  3. I love the brick in that last photo! Is that your home?


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