Life's Sweet Journey: Oh the Shame! Thought of Changing my Name

Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh the Shame! Thought of Changing my Name

This post is coming straight to you from Disneyland!! These were originally suppose to be scheduled posts in order to keep up with the challenge but as these hadn't been fully tweaked I am excited to get to 1.) share with you where we ended up and 2.) have the chance to get them fully ready.  I am super excited to be at Disneyland, as I never thought I would get a Disney-get-away being an Orlando girl. Babe done himself good!  

I have had a slew of moments that are embarrassment worthy.  Middle school was treacherous.  Got a stool stuck on my head and was made to sit at the front of the class until we could get it off, had my bathing suit top ripped off at an 8th grade pool party, this list goes on.  I don't embarrass easily, I just chalk it all up to my quirks and character (and maybe the fact that middle school gave me thick skin when it came to embarrassment). As moments go though I guess in hindsight they could be considered embarrassing.  Two recent ones have happened within a week or two of each other and include the movies, Wally, and cash money. The first movie was a documentary that we had gotten tickets too through another movie.  We went during the day and I planned on ordering just a kids pack of popcorn because I had already eaten lunch (I have to have popcorn anytime I see a movie).  Well I go to order while she stated walking to the theater.  She rounds the corner out of my sight when I realize I have no credit card and no cash! My reaction? Scream "Wally?! Come back!! I ain't got no money!" This reaction prompted many snickers from the line of people waiting behind me and an exasperated "Oh girl" as she came back around the corner. Then the line was is graced with our conversation about where the heck my credit card is, which I then realize I left at a restaurant Babe and I went to the evening before.

Movie two was pretty much the same set-up.  Wally and I go to see Life of Pi. We decide to go to the local dollar theater.  We arrive, this time credit card in hand, only to see that they accept cash only! Luckily it was just the poor girl behind the counter that had to be graced with our "Oh girl" banter.  Still a little embarrassing.  Don't worry, I treated her to dinner after the movie. 

*I also now recommend trying your local dollar theater.  We got two movies, popcorn and a drink for $10 total! That plus walking into creaky seats, not much rise in theater slope and a crackly smaller screen just took us straight back to elementary school because that was all theaters were when we were little.  However, if like our theater it hasn't been changed/ cleaned since we were in elementary I would not recommend even trying to use the bathroom.  We couldn't!

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