Life's Sweet Journey: Albus Dumbledore, Oprah and the Dalai Lama

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Albus Dumbledore, Oprah and the Dalai Lama

I knew that Jenni's topic from day 4, your favorite quote and what you love about it, was going to be a tough one for me when it came to making a decision.  So... I decided not to.  Rebel, I know!  I have two books full of quotes and while there are some I love more than others it could take me hours upon hours to figure out which ones I really wanted to share. I am excited to read others posts and add great finds to my books.  

While these aren't necessarily my favorite quotes I thought an easy place to start would be with one from my favorite books first (or book series anyways).

Albus Dumbledore is one smart man!
I love the above quote but I think I love this one more, 
"The truth.  It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution." -Albus Dumbledore, via J.K. Rowling
This one speaks to me on so many levels.  I am a firm believer in what I don't know can't hurt me.  If the truth is something that won't do anything (change the situation, help the situation, or change my viewpoint) but bring hurt in the moment, then I would prefer to just be left in the dark.  The truth can be freeing but it can also be damaging and destructive.  It should never be treated with anything but caution.  The truth is words and words have power; be careful with them.

In skimming my books for more Harry Potter wisdom (which I couldn't decide between and thus decided to save for a later date), I stumbled across this one that jumped out at me.  It is fitting for my current state of mind.  

"Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama
At this time in my life I have been trying not to focus on the what-ifs.  I am where I am in my life and there is a reason for it.  When I think back on some of the things I had wanted, or even the things I still want but had wanted at the wrong time, I can't help but be in awe at how blessed I am that I didn't get them.  My entire life would be completely different.

Here are some more snippets of wisdom from others that I found while scrolling my time away on Pinterest (which I enjoy, wholeheartedly).  I have also gone ahead and attached my Pinterest account.  It is still a pretty unorganized mess of all my mind comes across (most things are just liked not pinned) but I am working on making it a little more spiffy~ Enjoy!

And I just had to share this because it is oh so perfectly me... 


  1. You have no idea how excited I got when I saw Albus Dumbledore in your blog title. What a great one! He has so many good ones throughout the series. I sometimes wish he was real so I could spend a day just hanging out with him. I know I would learn so much!

    Visiting from Story of My Life and your newest follower via Bloglovin:)


  2. I've noticed lots of Harry Potter quotes in the link-up today. I love all of them... it was hard choosing just one. :) I decided to include one in Monday's post too.

    I like both of those C.S. Lewis quotes you shared too.

    Are you signed up for Blog Lovin'... supposedly Google is getting rid of the reading list, so many bloggers have switched over to following blogs through Blog Lovin' Just curious because I stopped following blogs through Google Friend Connect. I've got you bookmarked though. :)

  3. I would listen to Albus Dumbledore before I'd listen to anyone else in this life most likely.


  4. Enjoying all your quotes!!! You caught me with Albus and C.S. Lewis closed the deal! I'm enjoying your blog (found you via the Blog every day in May challenge)

    Following you on bloglovin

    - Tiffani

  5. Does Harry Potter have any quotes that aren't favorite worthy?? And the not getting what you want? So good (and hard) to keep in mind in the moment sometimes! Looking forward to following you this month! :)

  6. These are all fabulous, and some of them I've never even seen! Seriously, Albus Dumbledore practically is the Dali Lama, haha.


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