Life's Sweet Journey: She had me at Harry

Sunday, May 5, 2013

She had me at Harry

Jenni's topic for day 5 is going to be about, well, her!! She is my go to gal (and no this is not just in thanks for this awesome challenge and the fact that because of it I have found many new great people to enjoy). Today we are suppose to publicly profess our love for one of our blogger friends and I couldn't be happier to get the chance to talk about how great I think she is.

I still for the life of my can't remember how or when I stumbled across her lovely space (maybe through Sarah at Fairy Tales are True, who also rocks my socks) but I was smitten from the start.  She truly did have me at Harry (yes, Harry Potter, could there be another one?!).  She talked about her love affair with those books the same way I have always talked about mine.  Most people don't seem to get it, but she did.  I think it started with a simple post about what her hubs had gotten her as a surprise and then spanned into me proceeding to read all her Harry linked posts. I also figured that since her about me post included a statement that if I didn't like Harry Potter we couldn't be friends, I took it upon myself to assume that because I love him we automatically could.  Harry was hook number one.

Hook number 2 was her gorgeous photos. Seriously stunning!  I have never seen food or a restaurant look so good through a computer screen.  Someday I will find my way to Austin with the soul (yes, soul not sole) purpose of eating my way through it (and meeting her wouldn't be half bad either, total understatement)!  Then after I had been following (unofficially) for a bit I found the greatness of one of her photography posts and it all made sense.  If I lived in Austin I would totally be hiring her to take any pictures I may need in my lifetime. Jenni, if you ever find your way to Orlando again then hit me up girl 'cause I want photos!  

Hook number 3 was this post right here.  I love the term marital blish (yes, blish), she coins some good words huh?! The open honesty in her post was so endearing and reached me at a time when I needed to hear read words like that.  Her writing is beautiful and the outlook was very similar to the way I view relationships in general.  And the words read at her wedding?! I love them.  Maybe if I had known of them before, my reading selection for our wedding may have changed.  I couldn't find the words that seemed fitting and wrote my own.  Those would have been amazing! 

I had followed Jenni for probably about a year before I actually had an official blog to follow her with.  It was quite an exciting day to be able to post a comment un-anonymously. I think at some point through facebook I told her I felt we were "certainly simpatico" (I love that term! If you haven't seen The Trouble with Angels, with Haley Mills, you probably should. Love it!).  I still believe it to be true. I love her insight and her stories and what seems to be a genuine open-hearted kindness for others and the things/people she loves. The girl gives some great advice and life tidbits and really knows how to help a sister out! So Jenni, thanks for your great words and lovely photos.  Your writing truly makes you feel like a dear friend to me and I am excited to get to follow your journey. 

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