Life's Sweet Journey: The Mr. beside the Mrs. aka BABE!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mr. beside the Mrs. aka BABE!

This is Babe (or Andrew if you would so prefer).  He is the boy beside the girl behind this blog.  I thought it may be notable for him to have a post but he would probably disagree.   While I am loving this little space of mine and am happy to share my thoughts with the world he would prefer to not have his life displayed all over the internet.  He is truly the yin to my yang. I have told him that I will try to blog about him as little as possible, but I make no promises*.  I mean I kinda like him a bit so it is only natural that he find his way on here from time to time.  I thought a little intro on him, as it relates to me, would suffice for now.

Babe is not like me-   I am a talker, he is a man of few words.  I am not neat and tidy, Babe likes things in just the right place (thank heaven for a husband who cleans).  I love to read, he would prefer not too (though he did read the last three Harry Potter books which melted my little soul).  I do not work out, Babe works out daily (I tried to join a gym when we first got together, I lasted about a month).  Again, I love to read, Babe loves numbers (if math was a deciding factor to my fate I could give you 2+2=4 and then I'm a dead woman).

Babe is like me-  I love these babies, I think he may love them more (OK, debatable but at least close to a tie).  I like movie night with popcorn, he is the popper of the corn and I am the salter.  I like to think I am a decent enough person and, well, he married me so I am thinking he may agree?!

Perfect rendition! Even though he would usually be smiling in pictures such as this (someone distracted
him from pure niece-and-nephew-fun-and-bliss).
While we definitely have far less in common than we have in common, it works for us.  He completes me and compliments me in a way that makes me constantly strive to be a better version of myself.  He has never tried to change me (though he would like it if I were just a tad bit tidier I am sure).  He accepts my faults and loves me with a grace that teaches me all the time how blessed I am to have him.

Babe has taught me- He has taught me how to do laundry (many a years ago), the importance of self-control, how to be a "grown-up", and the happiness that comes from contentment in a life lived together.

Words- This hung amongst other quotes on the stairwell as people walked in to be seated for our wedding.  It has always struck me as completely fitting for my thoughts on Babe.

God truly knew what He was doing when He picked this man out for me.  I would never have thought to ask for anyone like him but he is just right.  He shows me all the time how abundantly more God can give us then we could have imagined.  As I type this Babe is staying the night with my brother (who has some demons to face).  When I told him I would stay with John Wayne so he could work on homework, his response to me was "You shouldn't have to worry about this." As blood goes JW is my brother, but Babe took on loving someone who struggles with addiction as if it were his own flesh and blood.  Really?! How I deserve him still ceases to astonish me.

7 Dwarf Status- Some friends and I nicknamed ourselves after one the seven dwarfs when we were in middle school.  I was Happy.  On a recent cruise Babe and I participate in a marriage game show.  When asked which 7 dwarf our husbands would be the other two blissful wives answered "happy".  My answer needed no thought, Babe would be... Grumpy! Fitting, Happy and Grumpy together.  So while I may gush over him in the above paragraph (which he deserves) life is not always sunshine and daisies.  Babe is prone to grumpy demeanor and a need for solitude.  We are the poster 'young-old-married-couple'.  It may have something to do with the fact that he is working full time and finishing his masters all the while being a person who despises school. Still, facts are facts and the man can be grump city!

Alright well, enough of that for now.  You have a little insight into one of the main back characters in my life.  I am excited for next week and to get into more of the heart of what I started this blog for.

* The big house rule!! If you promise something in this house and you don't follow through well then "see you on the other side my friend".  It can be something as simple as "Hey Babe did you happen to grab me some 'Nera (Panera) this morning?!" And he would reply "Nope, I sure didn't." To which I would make him then go back and forth as to if this was a lie or not.  Finally when I was done putting up with our marital communication I would ask "Promise you didn't?" If he says promise then I know I am just plum out of luck.  This came about due to the face that we joke around (or he does) A LOT and I would have the darnedest time telling if something was for real or not (I am highly gullible).  Finally frustration impatience won out and resulted in the 'P' word. Which is why if I make you a promise, it will be adhered too.

Have a wonderful, glorious, weekend!

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  1. I'm just checking out your blog! This is so awesome! I'm learning so much about your travels and learning things about the world that I never knew before! Thank you!


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