Life's Sweet Journey: Got Quirks?!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got Quirks?!

You wanted the inside scoop on some of my "crazy" right?! Sure you did.  Hope you enjoy these random get to know me quirks.
  • Movie night is a fave!  Probably my top date night choice. I love movie night at home, feet curled under on the couch.  Popcorn is always a must (it is my favorite food).  We have a whole movie night regiment process.  Popcorn is cooked via stove in the Whirley Pop (it is the best present I think I may have gotten from Babe, it has definitely gotten its use) and he is the popper, I am the salter, and he is the 'salt-to-popcorn-ratio-checker'! I always start with the popcorn dance! That's how I make my way into the kitchen on such nights.  It often leaves me winded (again probably should run to strengthen that lung capacity but, nah!!)  I will just stick using the popcorn dance (the taco dance helps some too, I have a dance for taco night also.  It's just like the popcorn dance but instead of singing "po'corn, po'corn, po'corn" I sing "tacos, tacos, tacos".  A little too much info? Sorry, just thought I would paint you a pretty picture)
  • I have somewhat of an old soul but I am also a humongous kid at heart.  Disney World is truly one of my favorite places in the entire world. Got engaged there, been there probably hundreds upon thousands of times and yet it never gets old! There is so much magic there! Even with the lines, the sunburned tourists, and tired babies it leaves me with a feeling of innocence and wonder. 

  • I love road trips! Traveling excites me! International travel freaks me the heck out! I don't know why.  I think it goes along with my fear of the unexpected and unknown.  After going to Greece on our honeymoon I decided I probably wouldn't be making many trips abroad in my lifetime (even though it was a gorgeous trip).  I have since ratified that decision but I am still terrified.  Before boarding a recent flight to Costa Rica I had a "minor" freak attack and I don't have those often.  I mean unstoppable tears mixed with uncontrollable bouts of laughter, it was one strange moment.  I've got to get that business under control!
  • I often contradict myself.  This will be one of those times.  I LOVE to cruise! It is always international.  For some reason traveling internationally on a big ole' boat doesn't terrify me; it thrills me.  This may be due to the fact that I pretty much think I know what to expect from cruising (though I probably shouldn't because, good gracious, have you seen what is happening on some of those ships recently?!).  I know where I will be sleeping each night.  I know that I will most likely see the same friendly serving staff at dinner and that sometimes they will break out into random dancing (love it).  I know that if I have a scary, anxiety ridden experience in a specific port I can haul my behind back to the boat where I can find a lone spot on deck while everyone else is out exploring and read to my hearts content while basking in sunshiny glory and sipping a pretty drink! I know that each night I can find a towel friend waiting happily for my arrival, just waiting for me to name him (for some reason they always seem to be dudes). 
    Meet some of my said towel dudes.  Their names are Syd, Ernie, Cardito, and Sal respectively.  Each picture taken
    with said towel friend requires imitation; it's a must.  
    Short version of the last however many sentences = take me cruising now please!

  • I have recently been suffering from random bouts of insomnia.  My eyes have been seeing 3 am and then 4 am roll around on my clock far too often.  I like to be asleep by 11! So either this new drive of motivation and passion pursuit is keeping my brain spinning all night or the following find is true.  

If the above is the case then I am not real sure whose dream it is that I am awake in, but can you please find another one?! No fairytale here I can assure you!  If you are some long-lost girlfriend pinning after Babe, well sorry he's taken.  Though I never mind a little healthy competition, it takes a good bit to turn his head (God love him).  And if you are pinning after me...  Hello?! Did you read the what not to expects?! I do not make superb housewife status.  So, now that we have determined this is probably not your dream can you please send a note directly to my brain to let it know that at night, when the lights are off, it is time "shush up"!

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