Life's Sweet Journey: Nine years between proms!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nine years between proms!!

Over the weekend, we took this kid...

turned this young man...

to prom!

It REALLY put things in perspective.  I am aging!! Oh my goodness, I know I am not that old but to think that this kid went from the little boy who introduced me to Harry Potter to this teenage-man-like-thing in the span of nine years seems crazy to me.  I mean that's nothing right? Isn't he supposed to still be little?!

Either way, it was something really special to be apart of (even though it doesn't seem like all that many years ago his brother and I were doing the exact same thing he did.  It was nine! NINE!).  What Queso (that's what I call him) and his girlfriend do not know however, is how close I came to prom stalking them.  Babe and I were discussing where to eat as we drove to drop them off.  Once we dropped them and they were out of the car I realized I had never been to a Benihana, which just happened to be at the hotel that prom was being held at.  I figured hey, now is the perfect time to go!  I think Babe may have gone for it... if I hadn't added that after we could sneak down to the ballroom and maybe catch a glimpse of KC (he has a lot of names, though he would prefer I call him Kevin).  Babe made no reply and just drove straight out of the lot.  When far enough away he mentioned that I was not allowed to relive my youth through my brother-in-law.  Oh well!  Though I like to think that was not my intention at all, I just wanted to see him enjoying my his prom.  My mom came to mine (she even danced with Babe). And yes, I know I am not his mother but he was just this lil dude and now he's this big dude and I wanted to see them enjoying themselves.  That wasn't too much to ask, right?!

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