Life's Sweet Journey: Great Expectations- Part I: The Lack Thereof

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great Expectations- Part I: The Lack Thereof

So being one who does not like change I typically like to have a clear set of expectations laid out in front of me.  It’s the whole not knowing what to expect that usually makes my heart speed up and the palms get sweaty.  So I thought I would lovingly share some “what you can expects” for this here piece of the blogging world...  Unfortunately this may be one of the times where I can’t give you many.  I can promise you randomness (and promise is big word for me so you can count on that) even if it may not give you much insight. 

I can absolutely give you some things not to expect from me! I tried with the what to expects first but it was just a jumbled mess, so on that note…

Organizational advice- I have none for you.  Can you share some with me?  Seriously! I can not even attach my Pinterest account here yet because is a totally unorganized mess of all that my mind decides it may one day want to revisit.  I will work on that and get it on here for ya!

Household tips- Ummmm? If only you could see the beauty that is my dining table! Friend, you will not want any from me.  Now if you would like advice on how to clean without needing to tidy first, I am your girl (note: lift, wipe, place back down).  I do not like a dirty house but I grew up in “organized clutter” as some may call it and well that wonderful trait of my mothers found its way to my house. Joy! 

This little spot is about as organized as I get
(which should say something) and that is only because it is home to the books that I deem worthy of living room shelf display. The big basket at the bottom? That would be the catch all for any and all library books (at times I of which I may have upwards of 10) or books whose shelf worthiness is still undecided!  Looking closely I even spy books that need to be removed.  Babe tends to stick books on the shelves (he is a tidy and organized soul and likes things in their place) without consulting their proper placement status.

Loads of recipes- I like to cook… on occasion.  I like to try new recipes… sometimes.  I was a lot better at this when Babe (intro on him soon) and I were first living together.  Since then it has gone downhill.  It’s just tedious.  So if I share any at all expect quick and painless "here cut this, heat this" fun! For example, butternut squash was introduced to me by a wonderful friend of mine and has become a new side obsession.  Though it can be hard to cut, you simply peel in, cut it in lil slices, drench it in olive oil, season as you like and bake at 400 degrees for thirty minutes, flipping once.  Voila! Yum!

Exercise regiments-  The above pretty much sums it up.  I don’t run.  Despise it!  Probably should partake in it because this body needs a better lung capacity, but I can without a doubt say I will never be a workout junkie or run win any races.  However, I do quite love competition; be it board games or sports, but those sports tend to include tennis, volleyball, and cornhole… notice the trend? Very little running! Played tennis for years, always preferred doubles… even less running.  There is one exception I will make. And that is for football.  Got the urge to see these feet run? Well then, put me on a football field.  

There are probably a ton of other things that I could tell you not to expect from this blog.  However, the majority of them go along these lines.  If you love or look for these things then this may not be your cup of tea.  I will try a little harder to give you some of what you actually will see and post that next and then you can decide if you would like to stay for a sip! 

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