Life's Sweet Journey: Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars on Amazon for All Ages

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars on Amazon for All Ages

These non-chocolate advent calendars from Amazon are a great way to create some holiday cheer!

The holiday season is upon us! Even as an adult with no kids, I LOVE ADVENT CALENDARS! Advent calendars are a fun way to stay festive and savor the season, even amid the rush. Candy advent calendars are easy to find, but not everyone wants chocolate every day. Here are some awesome non-chocolate advent calendars from Amazon for 2022!

Harry Potter Advent Calendars

Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars on Amazon

Make the holidays just a little more magical with exciting treasures for those of us who love the Wizarding World! There are quite a few options for wizards looking to count down to Christmas. This 24-day countdown comes with fun Harry Potter themed trinkets. There is also a 12-day countdown Harry Potter charm bracelet set and a sock surprise box for those looking to free the house elves! 

Advent Calendars for Puzzle Lovers

Amazon has puzzle advent calendars to help keep our brains sharp, focused, AND festive! There are sets with a different small puzzle to complete each day or ones where you finish one big puzzle just in time for Christmas by adding a portion of the puzzle on the coordinating countdown day.

For the Foodie

Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars on Amazon

Just because you are skipping the chocolate doesn't mean you need to skip the food altogether. There are fun food and drink options for those looking for alternative adventure calendars, including:

- Tea Lovers Holiday Teas Countdown 
- Beefy Christmas with a Jerky Sampler

Amazon Advent Calendars for Kids

Candy-fueled kids are going to be part of the holidays, but you can limit the amount of sugar intake with these non-chocolate advent calendars for kids.

- Fidget Toys 24 Day Holiday Countdown
- Science Set for STEM fun 

Other Alternative Advent Calendar Ideas

Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars

If you are looking to shop off of Amazon, there are other alternative advent calendar ideas that can make the Christmas countdown more festive.

Free-for-All DIY Advent Calendar

Mark small bags or envelopes with the coordinating countdown numbers and string along the wall at home. Fill each night with a fun treat, family/date night idea, or ornaments for the tree. You can divide the filling of each night between family members and take alternating turns opening the different nights. This way you don't have to stick to just one theme and everyone can participate in being surprised by what's inside.

12 Beers or Wines of Christmas

Places like Aldi, Costco, and ABC have great "adults only" advent calendar options so that you can sip your way through the season. You can also customize your own 12-pack by buying and individually wrapping beer and wine. Talk about a fun present each day leading up to Christmas! 

Holiday Books Countdown

If your family loves reading Christmas stories, individually wrap 24 (or 12) holiday books. Then you can open and read a different book each night leading up to Christmas. Buy new books or use ones that have been put away since last year. Even if you've already read it, the surprise will be in seeing which classic story you get to enjoy on different nights. 

These are just some of the many great non-chocolate advent calendar options you can enjoy this holiday season! Which ones are your favorites?

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