Life's Sweet Journey: Black Friday Finds on Amazon for 2022

Friday, November 25, 2022

Black Friday Finds on Amazon for 2022

Amazon Black Friday 2022 has commenced and the deals are WILD!

Black Friday finds on Amazon for 2022

I try to collect experiences over things, but there are always some needed items that are better to buy when on sale. Plus, I have my trusted favorites for making life a little easier. These tend to be big sale items and might help make your life a little easier too. Here are some of my favorite Black Friday finds on Amazon for 2022. 

Favorite Black Friday Sale Items

These are some of my regularly used, favorite Amazon items that are currently on sale for Black Friday. Most of these items are used daily.
I absolutely love my Shark robot vac (he goes by Steve!); we were skeptical about how good he would be, so we just bought the regular, but I would love to upgrade to one with an emptying base.

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows- absolute heaven (with support)!! They will go on sale at some point for a lightning deal, so keep an eye out. Currently you can tap the clickable coupon to save 40%. It's a two set of pillows and we have them in every room of the house, plus in the camper too! 

Novilla Mattress- Will add it to my favorite RV finds too as we originally discovered this mattress for the camper, but also now have one in each room of our home. It's on sale on Amazon or you can get one direct from the website. They are having a sale today on their main site, plus you can save an additional 10% with the code LSJ. Novella reached out to extend that to our viewers after I shared a review on YouTube.

Puzzle Board- I am a puzzle fanatic. I took it back up when we were living in the camper so I needed something that I could work on but also tuck away easily. It slid under the RV couch easily and now that we're back in the house it does the same and Babe likes that it's out of the way when I am not working on it. 

Black Friday Stocking Stuffer Finds

Babe and I actually don't do gifts for each other for Christmas, but stockings are a must! To me they are a way to really personalize each small item to truly make the stocking opening an experience. 

Black Friday Amazon 2023

Exploding Kittens- currently $9.99 
This is a great game for all ages! The 8 year old taught his Surf Daddy how to play at Thanksgiving yesterday and then proceeded to coax him into 5 hands! Think a strange version of Uno (the goal is not to lose your cards, instead the goal is not to explode) *The expansion packs also add a lot of fun, but not currently on sale

Bright Day Planner Items- I love my Bright Day planners. Not only are they affordable even when not on sale, but the layouts are perfect for someone who needs something easy to use while still having a little something extra for habit tracking and goal setting. The La Lune non-dated collection has so many great options and I use their daily to-do planners for those days where I need extra motivation. 

You can use the code 10LSJOURNEY on Amazon to save an additional 10% off at checkout.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker-  This is a great speaker for the price! We link it to our phones or the computer and use it in the dually to listen to audiobooks on long road days or in the RV to watch movies (the computer speaker isn't loud enough to be heard over the ac) *don't forget to clip the additional $2 off coupon

Electric Toothbrush- currently under $20 (keep an eye on this one, as the sets have been changing as to which ones have the deal. I had grabbed one of these for myself when it was an Amazon Deal of the Day and Babe has been super jealous of it)
Black Friday Amazon 2023

Black Friday Amazon 2023

Black Friday Finds For the RV

We may not be full-time RVers anymore (for now), but we're always on lookouts for camper deals for our weekends away! Here are some of the items we use for camper life.

Inline Water Filters- This is the lowest I have seen them!! 

Sewer Hose Kit- Currently 54% off!! 

Novilla Mattress- We upgraded our RV mattress and it was so good that when we bought the house we got two more. One for our bedroom and another for the guest room.

I will continue to update Black Friday Amazon finds in my storefront as I find deals I plan to take advantage of throughout the day!

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