Life's Sweet Journey: Five on Friday and Planner Finds for 2021

Friday, December 18, 2020

Five on Friday and Planner Finds for 2021

 Happy Friday!

I missed this month's Currently Linkup with Anne, so I decided to jump on for a little 5 on Friday catch up. We have had a lot going on, but I didn't want to miss finishing up the end of 2020. Here's a little peek at life as we wrap up the year to end all years to prioritize what truly matter and figure all our ish out! 

{ONE: LIFE} Life has thrown us one curve ball after another these last few months. Babe's mom passed away right before Thanksgiving, my family has been a bit of a circus these days and we are making a lot of big life changes. We've been trying to be there for each other and we are thankful to at least have each other's backs as we navigate everything. The holidays seem to become more bittersweet the older we get, but we are trying to find the silver linings through all of it. We are ending our time in NSB (for now) having made the decision to step away from the wine bar we helped open and have been managing for the last two years. It wasn't an easy decision, but we know it's the right move for us. We love NSB and plan to make this home base once things settle down, until then we are planning to hit the road again for awhile. The virus has a lot of downsides, but one silver lining for us is the freedom Babe working remotely give us. We plan to head to Louisiana for a month in January and then from there, I guess we shall see... 

{TWO: NEW OPPORTUNITIES} I have been looking for remote work for a while. I do plan to get back to more regular posting here and get more videos up on YouTube, continuing to grow this space as a potential side hustle at some point. God answered my prayer in the sweetest way and I also just got hired as a Social Media Marketer with Social Creative. I have been working it part time the last two months, as I phase out at the wine bar and am excited to go full steam ahead soon! I am now working alongside my cousin and sister and am excited for the new challenge. The chance for a changing office view is not lost on me and I am so grateful!

{THREE: A WEEK AWAY} The freedom my new job gives us now allows me to pick up and go. Babe made the decision to use his bereavement time, so we loaded up the camper and headed north for a week of decompressing. It was nice to get back into cooler temps and really helped us secure our decision to hit the road again temporarily.

We spent 3 nights at Tallulah Gorge in Georgia. It's a beautiful state park with stunning waterfalls and should definitely be added to your travel list! (Side tip: If you love honey the Blue Ridge Honey Company not far from the park is one of my favorite honey finds- and I have many) We then went to Santee State Park, about an hour outside of Charleston and drove into the city for the day. We ate BBQ and seafood and toured huge ships (more to come later). Then we ended our week at Skidaway Island State Park just outside Savannah and decided to spend our last few days soaking in the quiet of the park, which was just what we needed- cards by the fire, coffee in the am, wine in the evening and a hike to round it all out.

{FOUR: PLANNING AHEAD} It's that time of year (you know the time where I plan to get organized in the New Year, buy a planner and then use it sporadically until I stop all together around Sept)

Anyways; I have tried to find planners better suited for an unorganized brain, without spending a ton as I don't use them well enough...
Best Planners for 2021
Best Planners for 2021
The one above is the one I got and for under $10 I am really happy with it! Pros: Month view, with big daily space that comes with checkmark boxes on one side- I was drawing the boxes myself in my last planner; Cons: I do miss having a hard cover and pockets.
If the one I got doesn't work out I am going with this option pictured below; pros: tabs, a book mark for "today", pockets, stickers; cons: no daily checklist boxes, more expensive

Best Planners for 2021
If you are a daily list brain like me I did find this awesome Daily To-Do tracker; though not a planner/dated calendar I may grab it as a great side along for daily habits and goals!
Is there a planner you swear by? I am really trying to get my brain more organized and task focused. Any planners, tips or tricks would be very appreciated.
{FIVE: BIRTHDAYS} My birthday is tomorrow, Babe's birthday was yesterday; with everything going on this year this was a different birthday for us. We spent last night at home, eating pizza and watching a double feature. It was quiet and simple and just what we needed. I do wish he had gotten a little more fanfare, because he deserves to be celebrated SO BIG, but he's a quiet guy and time together was good for our souls. I think we plan to do something pretty similar tomorrow, but we have friends we will be seeing this weekend and I am looking forward to celebrating with them. Having birthdays so close together it can be easy to overshadow each other, or just get overwhelmed with the upcoming holidays, but I love getting to share this time together. He's my favorite person, so adding another year to our lives together just makes me thankful! Especially since he will always be older- haha! I am planning a giveaway over on Instagram today to celebrate, so head over there for some of my favorite MAGIC!

Cheers to December! To finally saying goodbye to 2020!
Happy Holidays from our home to yours!
What are you looking forward to in 2021?!


  1. I had a great planner for 2020 and didn't get to use it! I'm hoping to actually get to put my 2021 (exact same planner) to use this year!!!

    1. Haha, I guess with the year we've all just had I feel a little better about not using my planner effectively- I'll let 2020 be my scapegoat too

  2. I love planners, but haven't used one in awhile! I've been thinking about creating my own so I can get exactly what I want!

  3. I am also a pen and paper planner girl. I also like to have the weekly, daily and monthly over view,

  4. So sorry for your loss, and I hope you birthday celebrations were as good as they could be. Sending love.

  5. Still have to buy mine for the new year, thanks for sharing x

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. But you really have such a great attitude about life and all the things it throws our way. I hope you and Babe had wonderful birthdays and can enjoy the rest of the holiday season relaxing a bit. Thanks so much for sharing and linking with me!


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