Life's Sweet Journey: Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Adventurer

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Adventurer

Happy Wednesday All! 
We are back on the road, after a few more curve balls, and headed towards southern Kentucky! I can't believe there are only 19 days left until Christmas! In the holiday spirit I figured this Currently edition should be Christmas themed; so, here is how we are currently celebrating this December... 

{Lighting} My Mimi’s old ceramic Christmas tree! We are having a throwback Christmas this year, mostly because we only had room for about 4 decorations. Since we had no space for storing many ornaments, we decided that our RV Christmas tree would be one with sentimental value, that didn't take up much space! Once we get set up for at least more than a 2 day stretch in one place, it will go in between the recliners, right in the big back window. 

{Spending} Money on stocking stuffers for each other! We are only doing stockings this year (this new adventure is gift enough). For the most part they will be filled with the essentials; coffee, gloves, cozy socks… but I am going to try to grab him a few fun items for all our upcoming adventurers. Any adventures in your life?! Here are some of my favorite finds: 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas under $20 : for the Adventurer

For Her

Hiking Fanny Pack- I LOVE my fanny pack! It drives Babe crazy (hence, why it's not on his list), but it is so convenient and I much prefer having the weight on my hips than my shoulders! 
WineARoo- We love taking wine on-the-go! Adventure picnics or to the movies, foldable wine pouches are amazing! 
On-the-Go Phone Charger- I need this in my life! My poor little phone is on it's last leg and the charge doesn't last long. We have a bulky, portable charger, but need something smaller. Every adventurer needs a small portable phone charger. 
Adventure Fuel Mug- Because every good adventure starts with a warm cup of coffee! 

For Him 

Wallet Survival Tool- I got him one a few years ago and somewhere in the wallet switches that have happened he lost it! These little things are great for on-the-go adventure needs! 
LifeStraw- We have been wanting one of these for the longest time; we would love to taste water fresh from the mountain streams! 
Sipping Stones- Because Babe likes what I call his "man-beverage" after a long day of hiking! 
FloatPro: GoPro Wrist Strap- We have been using this old lanyard as a GoPro wrist strap and just try to make sure it's super secure before doing any crazy cliff jumps; it would be so nice to have one that we know would float to the surface should it ever slip loose! 

{Choosing} Where we want to spend Christmas! Since we hit the road for full-time RV life right after Thanksgiving, and had originally planned to be working in West Virginia (more on that soon), we knew we wouldn't be making it back to Orlando for Christmas. Since we won't be in West Virginia it leaves so many possibilities for where we should spend Christmas Day. A huge part of me is sad not to be in Orlando, but there is a part of me that's excited for our first Christmas just the two of us and to maybe even have a cold Christmas for once; should I dare say white Christmas?! Here's to hoping!! Best towns for Christmas experiences... and go! 

{Sending} Postcards! We have made promises to send postcards from each state we visit. So we are getting all our postcards ready to go, along with Christmas wishes to friends and family. 

{Singing} As much Christmas music as possible! This will be the first time these Florida natives have ever had a white Christmas (hopefully), so we are taking full advantage of it.  We're feeling super cozy this year and singing along to every winter weathered Christmas song that comes on the radio. With all the crazy changes that have happened in our first week on the road our theme song has become "to face UNAFRAID the plans that we've made, walking in a winter wonderland." 

And that's our December currently! What's going on in your world currently?
Got your own Christmas theme song for this year?!


  1. We live in Phoenix, so right now I'm just trying to do everything possible to make it actually feel like Christmastime. It's been kinda cool the past 2 days, but before that we were still wearing shorts and sandals. It's hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's still so hot out! We go to my parents for Christmas and we got had a white Christmas last year. It was so fun and I hope you guys get to experience on this year.

    1. I may be heading to Arizona! I want a White Christmas, but right now shorts and sandals is sounding pretty nice! My toes are literally icicles lol

  2. So many great gifts in this! I like that you separated out for men and women. That wine a roo is awesome!

  3. I live in Kentucky, right outside Cincinnati Ohio so I think I live in a good spot for all things Christmas. We often get snow (I can't imagine NEVER having had a white I hope you get one this year!) and we have lots of fun holiday themed events around us, some even free! I'm going to try and do as much as I can this month without getting too overwhelmed. hah

    Love the stocking stuffer ideas! My parents are giving my sister a portable charger this year because she travels for work a lot.


    1. We were just near Cincinnati!! And haha, yeah, all the different events can definitely get overwhelming. Hope you get some snow too!!

  4. It's hard to not be in your "home" for Christmas, but if you know you're not going to be anyway, how fun to pick somewhere to adventure to! We don't always have snow in Michigan, but I am partial to Christmases here :) And I love your gift ideas - my parents travel a ton, and some of these would be so perfect. That wine bag!

    1. Thanks :) We are definitely having fun trying to pick out where to go!

  5. you can never go wrong with a portable phone charger!

  6. I agree with the portable phone charger! That's a great gift for anyone.

  7. Wow! What an adventure!!! I look forward to following along! XO ~Anna

  8. This is a great wishlist, I have a few people that are hard to buy for so I'll be using a few of these ideas.

  9. i love these ideas. im definitely using it to guide me with some people on my list

  10. Great ideas! I see a few the men in my family would love.

  11. These are wonderful gift ideas! I cannot believe it's already December 8th. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

  12. I hope you get your White Christmas!! I grew up in Chicago but we get our biggest snowfalls in January/February so we actually rarely had snow on Christmas.

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