Life's Sweet Journey: October Currently and September Reads

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October Currently and September Reads

So much for setting myself up for "success" to not miss another Currently link up with Anne. I definitely didn't have my 'ish together enough to participate last month. Here's to trying again with a little peek at like lately.

August/September Rewind

We've been back in Florida over two months now and made a lot of big decisions- more on that soon, because right now I am on the fence about whether we are sticking to them or not! Let's just say staying in one place for so long is just not my cup of tea any more. But we have dreams to possibly foster one day soon and if we are ever going to do that we are going to have to get used to the idea of staying put for a while! So August and September have found us hopping around Florida in our home on wheels and trying to soak up as much tiny living life as possible. We made it back to Moss Park for the first time in a while. We really like it there a lot, minus the poor cell signal.


Library books now that we are finally somewhere long enough to be able to do so! I love road life but that is definitely something I have missed being able to do. I got a little overzealous and checked out way more than I could read before they had to go back, but even just having the options there if I made it through them all was a happy treat for my soul.


Throwback Halloween tees. I got a Hocus Pocus shirt that I have basically been living in. I told myself I would wait until at least October to rock it but I put it on as soon as I got it and plan to wear it year round. I feel like Hocus Pocus aptly applies to all life these days anyways!

Hocus Pocus Vintage TShirt

Other recently bought favorites can be found here and include blue light glasses and facial serum refills!


What the future holds! We have been super go-with-the-flow the last 3 years. Trying to make decisions for the future has me stressing but I know that it's time make a choice on what's next.


My list off all things October! I have started watching spooky movies with a vengeance and am beyond excited for the new Halloween movie. I am stocking up on pumpkins with plans for carving and painting. Just like every year, I plan to keep them well into January so that I can roast pumpkin seeds long after my favorite season is over. 

My Favorite Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Seed Recipe


I have managed to read a lot lately! Here are my September reads:

Midnight Sun and The Cursed Child were comfort reads! I had read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child but this was my first time reading Midnight Sun. It was all the angsty vampire glory my stressed out heart needed. Does anyone else read certain books for comfort?

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That's it for me this month (and last- haha)! Did this feel disjointed to anyone else? Because it sure did for me. I am all over the place lately mentally and this post seems to only support that fact. Maybe I'll have it more together for the next catchup, but I'm going to go with chances being slim for that from now until the end of the year!

What does life look like for you currently?


  1. OMG I love that shirt and the seeds sounds divine

  2. I love your shirt. Such a great movie. And I go to the library weekly!

    1. I can't wait to get back again soon! What are you reading right now?

  3. I can't imagine going so long without visiting a library. I NEED my weekly (or more regular) library visits.

    1. Right?! I LOVE my library days. They were definitely missed. I hit up bookstores when we could, but it's not the same.

  4. That shirt is so cute.
    And that's great you've been able to finally check out some library books!
    I'm all about October and Halloween so I've definitely started doing all the fun and spooky things.


  5. I think with an RV I wouldn't have room for all my books! Maybe I'd have to switch to mostly kindle reading! I'm excited I found your blog via your comment on mine!

    1. I took as many as I could and saved the rest in storage at my parents. I actually was able to fit a lot more than I thought I would be (much to my husband's chagrin lol). I wish I liked Kindle reading but I just love the feel of a physical book in my hand.

  6. I rock my hocus pocus shirt year round!! I need to read midnight sun I was obsessed with the twilight series!

  7. I am absolutely loving that hocus pocus shirt!

    1. I will basically be living in it until it starts to unravel.


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