Life's Sweet Journey: Tips To Move From The City To A Small Town

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tips To Move From The City To A Small Town

Moving from the City to a Small Town

When people decide to move from the city to the suburbs it usually is because they are looking for a great school district to raise kids, or wanting to enjoy the charming suburbs and have more space to raise their family. Of course, adding in the coronavirus pandemic to the equation and suddenly there are all sorts of people moving from the city to the suburbs. Many families start with the same wish list that they are looking for such as low taxes, a short commute to where they need to go, and a great school district but there is also another way to approach your home hunt. Below are some key things that first-time suburban families should take into consideration. 

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Look At The Neighborhood As Well as The House

Sometimes, people look at the entire neighborhood instead of just looking at the house itself. When you are searching for that perfect dream home, most people, and understandably so, focus on the property itself. This includes how many bedrooms the house has, how big the lot is, and how many bathrooms it offers. After all, you want to look at the overall floor plan and the sun-flooded kitchen filled with everything you want. However, the house is also part of a community, and you want the right fit for your family. To make sure that it's a good fit for you, walk the neighborhood and try to imagine it being yours. Don't just look at the most popular towns- you should take time to look at different neighborhoods to find the right fit for you. Look at the downtown area, the parks, the restaurants, and perhaps even try it yourself and see what the people and atmosphere feel like to you and your spouse. 

Looking At A District That Is Right For Your Kids

If you have children, education can be a top motivator for moving from the city to the suburbs. Everyone wants a great school district (not that the city doesn't offer this either), but you need to look into all that specific district offers. A school that ranks well on a test might be a pressure cooker that your child might not thrive in, or they may not have programs geared towards your child's interests. Look at the total school enrollment. Is your child going to do well in that school that has almost a thousand kids per grade level? Is the class size acceptable? Again does the community reflect the lifestyle that you are looking for? 

Thinking About Your Commute Time Before Quality

A big mistake families make when moving to the suburbs from the city is that their commute has changed, especially if they are still working in the city. Do a trial run. Attempt the drive one time during rush hour and see if you can stand the commute. For many people, it is extremely worth the trade-off, but others find the longer commute frustrating. Look into ride-shares or other transportation options. Scope out the parking situation too. Call the town office to look into details while you prepare. Again, many smaller towns are hidden jewels that still offer all the charm and feel you are looking for but half the taxes, the stress of people, and an easier commute.

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Hire Movers to Assist You

It might seem simple to move yourself from the city to the suburbs, and you might think it's saving you money, but this could be more difficult than you realize. Hiring a moving company to help you move your possessions allows you to focus on other essential items and gives you peace of mind to get everything done. A popular company in Florida called Infinite Moving offers services in the Georgia area. Not only do they help you move from one location to the next but also assist Polk County local movers to wherever you are going. This professional company can work hard for you and is key to keeping you calm during such a big transition in your life.

Hopefully these mistakes can help you look into what you don’t want to do when you moving from the city to the suburbs. Take your time finding the home you want, the neighborhood you are picturing and what everyone wants for the next upcoming years.


  1. You have some great advice here! We move a bunch thanks to my husband being in the military.

    1. Thank you for your service! And please thank him as well. I love seeing new places, but also feel like constant moves would be so hard.

  2. I have already said next time I move I'm hiring people....too much stress doing it yourself!


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