Life's Sweet Journey: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

 The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

October may not be over yet, but holiday shopping has already started. Especially with the delays in shipping right now it's better to start the gift getting sooner than later. This is the ultimate gift guide for wine lovers.

A few years ago I created a post of gift ideas for the wine lover that were under $25. This year I'm expanding it because if there was ever a time to stock your wine lover's stocking with all the vino magic it's now. Here are my favorite gift ideas for the wine lover in your life!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Wine Gifts Under $25 Perfect for Stocking Stuffers

{1} Reusable BPA Free Ice Cubes- Who else loves their wine chilled?! Red, White, doesn't matter; I'm a Florida girl and I prefer my wine cold, so I always have a stock of reusable ice cubes on hand.  

{2} Wine Tumbler- It's like a sippy cup for adults! We tried so hard to keep our wine glasses safe while we were on the road, but sadly, glass just didn't stand up to road life. These stainless steel wine glasses are not only safe from falls, but also keep your wine at the temperature you enjoy. 

{3} Insulated Wine Tote- Every good wino needs an insulated wine tote with all the essentials; to-go glasses, corkscrew, napkins. You can either tuck two bottles of wine inside or safe one half for a little bit to nibble! 

{4} Wine Glass Holder (for the shower)- True story: I eat breakfast in the shower; no, not the tub, the shower! It's actually pretty easy- you simply sit on the floor of the shower, while the water cascades down around you. You tuck your breakfast behind the shower curtain, so that water does not reach your food and then every so often you stick your head behind there to take a bit. However, wine should be more optimally reachable, especially if you don't have time to sit. I actually don't have one of these amazing inventions yet and am hopeful that one finds its way into my stocking this year! It will also make bath time more enjoyable too; it's a pain in the butt to constantly feel like I will spill my wine any time I have to reach over the edge of the tub. 

{5} Wine Stoppers- One of the easiest gifts for a stocking stuffer! I really love these floral, silicon wine stoppers, because they lay flat which allows the bottle of wine to fit more easily in the shelf in our fridge door. Our other wine stoppers make the bottle too tall. 

{6} Wine Markers- Hosting any fun holiday get togethers? Book club coming up?! Not only super sensible, but also a super fun way to add personal flair to wine glasses for a party!

{7} Portable Wine Bags- These are my fave! I use them all the time! Movies? Wine bag in my purse! Leaving for a cruise? Wine bag discreetly hidden in my tatas by wearing a romper with a hanging ruffle (pictured here, the romper- for example; not the tatas)! Most cruise lines allow one bottle of wine per person, but it never hurts to have an extra one... do you know how much drinks cost onboard?! Seriously, portable wine bags come in super handy! 

{8} 3-in-1 Wine Chiller- It not only chills your wine, but also aerates your wine while you pour! A little wine magician!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Wine Gifts Between $25-100

{1} Wine Picnic Table- With glass and bottle holders, plus room for nibbles this is perfect for a date night or girl's backyard brunch.

{2} Electric Wine Aerator- It attaches right to the wine bottle for easy access.

{3} Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Set- With tons of color options to choose from this set is perfect for the ultimate backyard host or hostess!

{4} Wine Cork Holder- Customize the gift to the getter with a personalized initial wine cork holder. 

{5} Counter Top Wine Rack- Easy access to bottles, or a display for favorites, a wine rack (with glass holders) makes a great gift.

{6} Insulated Wine Picnic Backpack- Storage for food and drinks, with detachable plastic lined bag. Also has plates, cutlery, and wine glasses for 4 people.

{7} Huski Wine Cooler- Keeps a bottle of wine cold for up to 6 hours. No ice needed!

Wine Gifts Over $100

{1} Wine Fridge- 24 bottle wine fridge with removable shelves. 4.5 stars with almost 3K reviews! Perfect for the at home wine collector.

{2} Coravin Wine Saver- When we worked at the wine bar we got first hand experience with the Coravin wine tasting system. This is perfect for those expensive bottles of wine that you want to let guests try or that you want to be able to enjoy for yourself without having to open the bottle. 

A pressurized needle gets inserted through the cork to release the wine. You pour a tasting or a glass, then when ready you take the needle out. The Coravin allows you to preserve the wine for over a month or more from the first time you opened it.

{3} Wine Bar Table- This is the perfect gift for the true wine lover. Display your favorite wines and have the table available for setting up your next tasting.

Other Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Plan a wine outing!

Do you live near a winery? Are there any nearby restaurants offering wine pairing dinners? Give the gift of experience with a day or night out doing a wine tasting.

Sign up for a wine club.

There are many different wine club options. Cooper's Hawk restaurants are in a lot of major cities and offer a wonderful wine club. There are wine club subscriptions that will ship wine directly to you on a quarterly basis.

Get personal with it.

There are great ways to personalize wine gifts. Partner with a local winery to create a custom wine label. Get personalized wine glasses.

No matter what you decide to grab there are so many great gift options for the winer lover. Happy sipping!

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