Life's Sweet Journey: Personalize a Furnished Short-Term Rental Apartment with a Photowall Custom Canvas

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Personalize a Furnished Short-Term Rental Apartment with a Photowall Custom Canvas

Easily personalize any space with a custom canvas print from Photowall!

Happy Wednesday Friends! 
Another quarantine week has come and gone and we are halfway through another...

Personalizing a Furnished Rental Apartment Photowall Custom Canvas

We spent the weekend enjoying a little time in the sun and then yesterday I finally took a few minutes to assemble our new canvas print from Photowall! For those that don't know we have moved out of the camper, for the moment, and are currently renting a place in New Smyrna Beach from a friend of my moms. We feel very blessed to have been able to stay as long as we have after thinking it would only be available through February. We rented the place from her when she was planning to be gone for 4 months visiting her kids and grands, but now she will be staying there longer which in turn means we get to stay longer here. Couldn't have come at a better time, right?! Though of course now that Babe's job is solely remote for the time being it wouldn't be too hard to hit the road again for a bit. Except of course, you know, shelter in place!

Personalizing our furnished short-term rental with a custom canvas print.

Anyways, we rented the apartment fully furnished from her including all of her pictures and decorations. She has a super cute family, but it does remind us that the space is not really our own. So, when Photowall reached out about collaborating I thought long and hard about what I might choose to get. It was a toss up between some of the beautiful wallpaper sections so that I could finally start renovating the camper to get rid of some of those dark tones or get a personalized canvas so that I had something to make our furnished rental feel more personal. Given that the apartment will be where we are sequestered for the foreseeable future I opted for the latter- and I am so HAPPY I did!

A custom canvas print from Photowall was the perfect way to make this sweet little rental apartment feel more like home. Not only do we now have our own picture hung up on the wall, but it is a picture from our time on the road, which brings back such sweet memories. I chose a picture of us sitting on Delilah The Dream Machine's "front porch" with a view of the mountains in the distance, encompassing everything we love about road life- the views, the tiny living and our quality time! 

If you are looking to personalize a furnished rental Photowall is an awesome company to try. Working with Photowall is so simple! Not only do they have other great options to choose from, such as framed prints and posters, all of them are available with either preselected images or to personalize. Want your own face done on wallpaper?! Go for it! 

The canvas prints do come unframed so that it is easier to ship, but are pretty easy to assemble yourself and you need no other tools than the ones they provide in the box. Here is a bit of a how to video, so you can learn from some of my mistakes (ps read all instructions first before just going at it- duh, Mel)...

Video Tutorial of Photowall Frame Assembly

How to Assemble a Photowall Canvas Frame 

The frame pieces are provided, each with a sticky side that adheres to the canvas. You lay the wood frame along the edge, with the lipped side of the wood facing in towards the center of the canvas. Once all wood pieces are adhered to the canvas you then flip them in towards each other. This allows the canvas to tighten. 

Personalizing a Furnished Rental Apartment Photowall Custom Canvas
Photowall Canvas Frame Assembly

Photowall provides you with everything you need and the wood frame pieces already have predrilled holes with embedded screws. You use the mounting L brackets to hold the frame together by lining the holes in the bracket to the holes in the wood. The provided screws are then used to secure everything in place. This part can take a little oomph to get the holes matched up perfectly, so make sure you leave some of the screws a little loose to allow you to maneuver the L bracket. Once all the screws are in you can tighten everything up.

Photowall Canvas Frame AssemblyPersonalizing a Furnished Rental Apartment Photowall Custom Canvas

And that's it; your Photowall canvas print is now ready to hang! It took us maybe 30 minutes to get it all done, but that's because we were shooting video too. Working together we probably could have had the whole thing framed in 10. The apartment we are renting already had a cute little display setup over the bed, so we used the nail already there (your Photowall canvas does come with a mounting bracket) and the shelf to create a cute little personalized space for us! I also put up some of my favorite books and letter board. I love how the Photowall canvas really came together and how simple it was to put a personal touch on our already furnished rental apartment. If you are looking for wall paper, prints or canvases I would highly recommend working with Photowall! 

Personalize a furnished rental apartment

Another awesome thing to note; I was worried about using a photo taken with my phone. I didn't want it to come out pixelated, but I was easily able to enlarge the image on the computer and then use it with Photowall. The quality came out perfectly and the colors really pop! Photowall is graciously extending a discount code to anyone who wants to order something fun to spruce up their space!

Use code lifessweetwords25 at checkout and make your space feel more like home! 
The code is for 25% off and good through June 15th, 2020. 

*Disclaimer: I did receive product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are entirely my own. 

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  1. It's amazing how great the quality is even though it is a picture taken from your phone.

  2. How pretty! I need to get one of these. I will check out the site.

  3. That's so pretty! I definitely need to take a look at this site

  4. This is such a cute and fun idea! I love the idea of having a picture I've taken on my wall like this!!

    1. I am so glad I went with the custom print! I like having personal pieces

  5. I have a piece from Photowall and it's my inspiration to get back to work when I am discouraged.

  6. This is adorable!!! Love photowalls, fun to see memories up and shared with everyone!

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