Life's Sweet Journey: April Currently Amazon Finds for Quarantine

Monday, April 6, 2020

April Currently Amazon Finds for Quarantine

Howdy Friends and Happy Quarantine April!
Since we are all pretty well sequestered inside right now, this month's Currently edition with Anne in Residence looks a little different, but here is April in my world...

{Sharing} Adventures from our time on the road! It only took me about 2 years {and a quarantine} to finally get back to finishing up our videos from our 7 months on the road in our RV. Today's journey takes us back to Zion! The crowds at Zion were crazy, but once we looked past that it was so worth fighting for a parking space.

{Writing} To-Do lists to try to keep myself focused during the day! Otherwise I will be doing puzzles so long my back hurts from bending awkwardly while I watch old movies on Disney+; Zedis Lapedis {just in case you were curious what my recent binge was}.

{Wishing} We could be using this down time to adventure some more. If it weren't for the fact that its helpful to not go anywhere I would load up the camper and take off to quarantine in the woods somewhere.

{Investigating} Places to possibly steal away to for our 10 year anniversary now that our cruise is cancelled; we're a little over a month out and if quarantine continues we will have to find a creative way to "travel" from the confines of home, but I'm bing optimistic and hoping we will at least be able to take the camper somewhere secluded or possibly rent a cabin somewhere in the mountains. Anyone have know secluded little towns we can hole up in with a view without bothering people? Or have any ideas for how to create a vacation experience without leaving home?

{Buying} Quarantine "essentials" on Amazon; I am using this time to work on my skincare routine {hello adult acne, thanks for joining in on the party}, try and get back into shape, catch up on reading and have rediscovered a love for puzzles!
April Amazon Finds Quarantine

Face Mask: This was actually recommended from Chelsea, an artist I love, who shared it on her storied and said it really helps with discoloration, calming redness and leaving your skin baby soft. I have terrible redness (to the point that people are always asking me if I am sunburnt) so I knew I had to at least try it. I've only used it twice, but I love it! It really helped even out my skin tone even after the first use. I was worried about an adverse reaction, but so far nothing. Will keep you posted! 
Argan Oil: I have actually shared this before, but I am sharing again because I love it that much! I ran out and went to replace and they now have it available in a larger bottle. It lasts me forever and I use it for both my face and my hair. When I let my hair dry naturally, which is basically everyday these days I just run two drops in my hands and then through my hair to smooth and it does wonders.
Burt's Bees Face Wipes: I was in desperate need of face wipes for nights I don't want to wash my face and I have been trying to find wipes with calming properties. The rose water really seems to help my skin, so I am giving these a try. So far, so good! 
Pretty Things: By Janelle Brown Pretty Things is my most recent read! It started off quickly and really sucked me in. This novel centers around two different women, a drifter and an heiress, who get caught up in a game filled with lies and deceit. You find yourself not knowing who to cheer on or if things really are as they seem. Definitely worth a read.
Camping Puzzle: Since I can't get out there and explore right now I figured I would go with a new adventure puzzle! I found this and it's perfect! Can't wait to start it! My last two have been Christmas puzzles, because I think we could all use a little added cheer right now; don't you?

And that's it for me this month!
What are some of your quarantine essentials?


  1. Aragon oil is the best, I use it everyday. Such a great read.

    1. Isn't it so good?! I have been trying to go more natural with my skin care and it has really been helping.

  2. I loved this video, that hike looked amazing!

    1. It was one of our favorites! The Narrows is definitely a spot to add to the bucket list.

  3. I think I need that book! I love it when it's hard to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Or girl, in this case ;)

  4. I just ran out of argan oil so I'll try your suggestion here! Thank you!

  5. We have been going through our puzzles like crazy! Always on the look out for the next one!

    1. I think I am on number 5 now! Hope I remember how much I love them even after this is over.

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