Life's Sweet Journey: 7 Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

7 Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June

Yellowstone is a stunningly beautiful national park! With last week being National Park Week, I finally got around to putting together our video from our time in Yellowstone National Park in 2018. Babe and I both agreed that it is, so far, the best national park we have visited. The scenery is out of this world, and it’s so easy to navigate, but there are other reasons to visit Yellowstone. Everyone has heard of Old Faithful, and the park definitely gets crowded with people coming to see it, but there are some easy ways to make sure your experience is a great one! Here are 7 tips and tricks for visiting Yellowstone National Park in June…

Tips and Tricks for Yellowstone National Park

Tips and Tricks for Yellowstone Eagle Creek Campground
Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park
First photo: Eagle Creek Campground View from hiking trail \\ Second Photo: Our Eagle Creek Campsite

Where to Stay: Gardiner, Montana (Yellowstone North Entrance)

We heard that the West Yellowstone entrance gets super crowded, especially the closer you get to summer. Make plans to stay just outside the North Entrance to Yellowstone. We stayed at Eagle Creek Campground. This beautiful campground is up on a hill, overlooking Gardiner, Montana, and the north entrance to the park. For only $7 a night we had a campsite all to ourselves. There are no hookups, but there are bathrooms to use if you are planning to tent camp. We had our RV and were able to secure a spot right near the front of the campground. Be sure to try to get there early in the day as Eagle Creek Campground can fill up quickly. The host is very accomodating and tried to make room for people without also overcrowding sites, but if you want to ensure you have a spot, it’s best to set up BEFORE you head into Yellowstone National Park. The town of Gardiner is super cute and offers options for dining and shopping, so you can grab a bite to eat to get set for a day of exploring.

DON’T Plan Around Old Faithful 

Old Faithful is the star of Yellowstone when it comes to popularity. It’s what the park is known for. What we weren’t expecting were all the other amazing sights that, in our opinion, trumped Old Faithful. Old Faithful should be on your Yellowstone bucket list, but you don’t need to plan your trip around it. Old Faithful is known for its predictability. It goes multiple times a day. Whenever you get around to that part of the park, you will be able to catch the geyser eruption; you just may have to wait a few minutes for it. Old Faithful is the most populated, touristy part of Yellowstone, so there are other things to see if you have to wait for it to start. Park officials can time it pretty easily, and there will be a sign posted with the next expected eruption time when you enter the Old Faithful area.

Bear in Yellowstone National Park

Be Prepared to Stop for Animals

The wildlife in Yellowstone is, well, wild! Bison were everywhere, and we even got to see black bears. We got stuck in a traffic jam that we were sure was for people trying to get into Old Faithful. Nope, just a bison crossing. If you see people pulling off onto the shoulder, keep your eyes peeled for animals, as that is most likely the reason they are stopping. Be mindful of the animals. There are hefty fines if you are caught messing with them or trying to touch them!

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Time Your Visit Right

Summer is peak season for Yellowstone! We hit the very beginning of the season (mid-June) and timed our stay to be there stay midweek. On the weekdays, we had no issue getting right into the park each morning. But come Friday, it started to be a different story. Friday's line of cars wasn't bad, maybe a 10-minute wait, but as we were pulling out of the campground on Saturday, the Yellowstone North Entrance line was way more backed up than any other day. I know the further into the summer you get, the more crowded the park becomes. If you can plan your visit midweek, you can still get great weather on the cusp of the season without the crazy crowds!

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June
Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June
Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June
Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone National Park in June

Go Off the Beaten Path

While Yellowstone National Park is easy to navigate and accessible for everyone, it can also get crowded! Make plans to take one of the trails that are a little less well known. This will give you some space to explore the park without as many people around. 

Navigate Yellowstone with Ease

The park is basically one big loop. There are a few places you can cut across if you want to do part of the loop again without having to go all the way around, but it is REALLY hard to get lost in Yellowstone! At least in the sense of driving from one sight to the next. Just make sure to grab the park map when you enter and you should have smooth sailing.

Bring the Whole Family

Yellowstone is a great family park! All of the main sights to see are very accessible. Most have sidewalks or boardwalks, the geysers or geothermal areas aren’t far from the parking areas, and there are plenty of museums to visit if you need some shade. Kids who tire easily or elderly people that can’t go too far can still enjoy the natural beauty of Yellowstone without much hassle.

Yellowstone truly is an incredible national park. We can easily see why it’s the park that “started it all!” We would highly recommend putting Yellowstone on your bucket list if it isn’t already.

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Tips and Tricks for Visiting Yellowstone


  1. Looks like such a fab park, I have never been. Its been on my list forever. Cant wait to start travelling again

    1. It really is a stunning place! Hopefully we will all be able to travel a little more easily here soon.

  2. Yellowstone has been on my bucket list for sometime now. Since the release of the television show I have only wanted to visit even more to see the beautiful countryside before it gets overly touristy, these are great tips so I am pinning for later!

    1. Right? I am so worried how much more attention it's going to get. It's already a very crowded park. I'm glad we made it there before the show aired.

  3. What great tips! I've been waiting to visit since I moved to the Southwest! It's not too far, so I'm not sure why I haven't been yet! What a great trip to hear about!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful tour of what to see & not to see in Yellowstone. It sure is a beautiful place.

  5. Loved reading these! We are hoping to visit Yellowstone in the next couple years - looks so amazing!

  6. Love this content!! Thanks so much for sharing! We're going in July and I cannot wait.

    1. ahh yay! so excited for you! you will have the best time

  7. Those views are amazing!!! What great tips. Thanks for sharing.


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