Life's Sweet Journey: April Currently

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April Currently

It's that time of the month again; 
I love having these monthly check-ins to look back on. 

{arranging} Our stays for the next few weeks on the road. We have been in NSB for the past few weeks and going back-and-forth to Orlando catching up with family and friends. We are heading to Tampa for the last few weeks of April to spend time with Babe's dad and the bro and SIL. Then come April 30th we are New England bound and I am excited!

{craving} all the pasta and yum yum sauce lately! Not sure why, but even after Chinese food on Friday night (leftovers on Sunday) and Pad Thai on Monday night I am still wanting nothing but Asian noodles of any kind. Trying to keep myself in check though because I am supposed to be limiting gluten- haha.

{enjoying} as much time with friends and fam as we can fit in before hitting the road again. This next stretch will be the longest we've been away since our first time on the road back in 2018. We are planning to be gone for 3 months before we come back to Florida in July for our annual aunt and uncle trip. Being away from everyone is definitely the hardest part of road life (Exhibit A: a throwback video from our first time hitting the road).

{discussing} what we want our route to be from Florida to New England. Our ultimate destination is Maine, but we plan to take 2 months to get there. Trying to figure out the places we most want to stop along the way. Any good recommendations for stops from Florida to Maine?

{preparing} the camper for our next stint. We have somehow accumulated a lot more stuff than we originally had when we first hit the road. I have so many clothes that the closet finally broke. I need to purge and organize. We also have a few small things that need to be fixed, so we are planning to do that on Friday before heading to Tampa on Saturday. 

That's it for April, not a whole lot going on other than trying to get set to leave.

What does your world look like currently?


  1. It sounds like a packed trip! Have fun and enjoy your time on the road!

  2. Enjoy your RV life. Sounds like you have a busy, packed Summer. How do you like living on the RV?

    1. Thank you! We are definitely trying to fit in a lot, in case we have to come back to Florida whenever my husbands job goes back to in person work. I love the RV life, even aside from the travel. It's smaller, more intimate and intentional living. I think if we had been better about that even at our house it might have been different, but we always had a hard time letting other things become priorities. RV life simplifies a lot of that for us. Plus, cleaning the house take a whole lot less time now lol

  3. Your trip up the coast sounds fabulous! I would recommend Jekyll Island, Savannah, and Chincoteague Island to see the wild ponies! We are actually planning a trip there for next spring, so it is on my mind right now. Lol. But it is right along your route!

    1. I have ALWAYS wanted to see the wild ponies, thank you for reminding me about this!!

  4. Good luck with all the planning for your next foray on the road. Hope you can see some awesome places!!


  5. I bet New England in May will be so lovely! I've never been to Maine but have heard so many good things. And have read plenty of great books set there that made me want to go as well :)

    1. Same!! I have another one that I have been putting off reading until I get there. So excited :)


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