Life's Sweet Journey: Friday Favorites || Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Favorites || Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Happy Friday Friends! 
Life has been a little crazy this past week, so I am really looking forward to some fun with my little loves this upcoming weekend! Here are a few favorites from the last few weeks... 

PlantFusion Plant Based Protein Collagen Coffee

{One} PlantFusion Plant Based Protein
I have been trying to get more protein into my diet and when Babe started looking for a organic protein powder we stumbled across PlantFusion; an organic, plant-based protein company. I was super curious to see how a plant protein would hold up and I can say I am very happy! Not only is it non-GMO, but it's filled with so many good for the belly ingredients that I can feel good about what I am eating. I know there are tons of great ways to use protein, but I am usually looking for something easy and on-the-go. Here are some of the ways I fit extra protein into my diet... 

Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet PlantFusion Protein
Ways to Get More Protein in Your Diet PlantFusion Protein
PlantFusion Plant Based Protein
PlantFusion Plant Based Protein

Easy Ways to Fit Protein Into Your Diet 

1.) A quick and easy smoothie- PlantFusion has so many yummy protein powder options that make it easy to mix and go. My favorite is their Red Velvet Cake. I simply do one frozen banana (separated into thirds), 1 scoop protein powder and some almond milk. Then I blend that up. Sometimes I will add a small scoop of peanut butter. Babe likes the chocolate powder and does two scoops of powder. 
2.) Peanut Butter Spoon- yup, it's exactly what it sounds like. It is just a spoonful of peanut butter, but I mix in the PlantFusion 1:1 Fats + Protein. 
3.) Peanut Butter Protein Dip- It's basically the exact same thing as the spoon, but I will mix it up in a bento box to use as a dip for pretzel sticks. Super quick and easy for on the go! 
4.) Protein Coffee- I love adding their vanilla collagen builder to  my morning coffee! Not only does it make my coffee nice and frothy, but it adds flavor and makes me feel full which helps to hold me over until lunch. I do one scoop of the collagen, a little honey and a smidge of grass-fed butter and blend that all up in the Ninja. YUM and Yum!! 

If you are wanting to try PlantFusion for yourself they have sample pack options that you can order for free. It's a great way to pick the flavors that you love and also comes with a $5 off coupon once you know what you want to purchase.
**I did receive a brand package from PlantFusion to sample their products, but all opinions are my own and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. 

{Two} The Turn of The Key by Ruth Ware

Calling all my fellow #nannylife people!! If you love a spooky edge to your books, like Agatha Christie novels, or have ever watched kiddos in your life this is the book for you. It starts off really quickly. I have loved everything by Ruth Ware and The Turn of the Key was no different. 

When Rowen Caine answers an ad for a nannying post she thinks she has found the perfect setup. However, things quickly take a turn she never expected and the book begins by her retelling recent events to her lawyer via letters from a prison cell. How did Rowen end up there? What happened to lead to a death of one of the children in her care? She swears she isn't guilty, but if she's not then who is? Set inside what appears to be a modern day haunted house you will find yourself second guessing each character, trying to put together plot lines you aren't sure you should be following and dropping your jaw when you finally get to the end! 

5/5 Stars: The Turn of the Key did not disappoint!! Though I would have liked a little more at the end Ruth Ware's telling of this story will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read. I finished it in about 2 days, because I just couldn't put it down. 

The Turn of the Key will be released on Tuesday!! Preorder now and have it by midweek! 

{Three} Georgia Adventures
It is the last week of summer before school starts, which means it is time for our annual Great Georgia Adventure! Every summer Babe and I head to the north Georgia mountains to a place called Big Canoe. It is a time share my grandparents got when I was little and now we use it as our annual Aunt Mel and Uncle Andrew trip. We are currently en route and have the car loaded down with games, snacks and 3 kiddos! We are sadly missing a few littles this year (we originally had 7 going, but our numbers started to dwindle for one reason or another), but we are excited for a weekend to play, rest and breathe in the mountain air!! 

And with that I am signing off and unplugging! 
Cheers to the weekend! 
What are you loving right now? 


  1. Such a great way to add protein to your diet. The smoothies look really delicious!

  2. That smootie looks amazing, I'll have to check out this protein

    1. It's really good and the sample packets are perfect for seeing what you might like!

  3. Getting more protein into your diet is so important. I love how easy it is with complete protein.

  4. Those are some interesting flavors for protein. I don't think I've ever seen a red velvet one before.

    1. I hadn't either and was a little skeptical, but I like it a lot. It's tastes a bit more like a light chocolate cake in my opinion, but I love it. It's lighter than the regular chocolate flavor.

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