Life's Sweet Journey: August Currently || GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Currently || GIVEAWAY

Happy August! 
We spent the past weekend ending out the summer Georgia style with our annual Aunt Mel and Uncle Andrew trip to Big Canoe with our nieces and nephews. We are in the car on the way back to Orlando and the kiddos are well worn-out and ready to start a new school year. Linking up with Anne for another Currently edition; here's how our August is looking right now! 

{Ordering} A new one piece bathing suit from Amazon! Considering it was under $15 I got a lot of life out of this one, but I stretched the back of it going on the rock slide this weekend. I really want a one shouldered suit, so I am snagging this one and crossing my fingers it fits as well as my last Amazon suit find! 

{Watching} We've been watching Dexter on Netflix. We are on the 5th season and it's starting to get a little repetitive for me. Babe still likes it so we are sticking it out, but we've started mixing it up with Redbox movies we haven't seen yet. 

{Cooking} Our HelloFresh meals! We had it a long time ago and I recently decided to try it out again when we got a coupon code for joining up again. While I do think it's a little expensive if you are paying full price it's so convenient and you have most of your meals planned for the week. We also had Blue Apron last month, but we have been much more satisfied with the HelloFresh meals, so I canceled the Blue Apron subscription. If you have been wanting to try HelloFresh I have 2 free boxes left to give out and am happy to share (email me at, once those are gone you can also save $40 off your first box here

{Wondering} What in the world our next life step will be: between Crimson House, online teaching and another job possibly in the works it will mean juggling a lot, but I tend to typically have a few different jobs I am doing at any given time and I like the variety. It does lead to rethinking where we may continue living though; do we stay in the camper? Do we move the camper closer into Orlando instead of staying at the beach? Do we move back into our house that we are currently renting out? So many things to process in the next month... 

{Savoring} My last few bottles of Vital Proteins collagen water! I received these to try out and really like them. I love Vital Proteins collagen peptides, so I was really excited when they came out with collagen water. I really do feel like my hair and nails are a lot stronger since I started using collagen and my face seems a little more dewy. The collagen waters are also just a nice way to add flavor while I try to stay hydrated. I will typically pour half of a bottle into my Yeti and top it with regular water. Makes each bottle last longer and also helps me drink more water during the day. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Water

I tried the Blackberry Hibiscus and Blueberry Mint flavors. Both are good, but I definitely preferred the Blackberry Hibiscus (I can be weird about mint) and I am going to grab the Strawberry Lemon to try next. I have a few more bottles left, so I figured I would let one of you do the taste test and try them for themselves. I am giving away two bottles of Vital Proteins Collagen Water (one of each flavor)! Enter below to win the chance to try them for yourself.

**Rafflecopter Giveaway is now closed: Congrats to the Winner, Rebecca!**

Happy entering! 
What are you doing to wrap up summer?!


  1. I just love this idea of an annual aunt & uncle trip! How fun. And I'm all about sometimes canceling/putting on hold my Blue Apron or Hello Fresh because if you hold out on them for a while they'll always follow up with some kind of coupon to come back - and that's when I get my boxes ;-)

  2. I LOVE one-shoulder onepieces! I bought one from amazon last summer and loved it so much that I ordered another color for this summer! (here's the link if you're curious:

  3. I love this idea. I will be prepping my boys for school. They had a long eventful summer. We are just now waiting for the fall.

  4. We are getting prepped for back to school. Woo hoo!

  5. Never tried bathing suits from Amazon, I have to check them out!

    1. I've been getting more and more clothing items from Amazon and have been pleasantly surprised!

  6. We tried a meal subscription service a couple years ago but I didn't love it so we cancelled.

    1. I've tried a few others and didn't like the meal options on some, but Hello Fresh meals have been pretty yummy!

  7. I hope the new bathing suit fits well!! I'm currently doing the meal subscription service Freshly, which I really love, because it's not too expensive, everything is Gluten Free, and the meals are already cooked (you just heat them up!) I've tried a few so far and they are yummy - if you're interested, let me know! :)



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