Life's Sweet Journey: Hello July

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello July

How is it already July?! 
I can not believe that we are halfway through 2017. 
I took a week off between jobs (find out more in my last post), but am now back at it. Taking a vacation is great, but I always feel like there is so much to catch up on after. I am really working on trying to take it slower though and not feel so rushed to get the 'to-do list' completed. It's a glorious feeling to give yourself space to determine your own pace! So, I am not going to jump back in with a full-length travel post just yet; instead I am joining Anne for a July Currently post. 

July Currently

Here is what is happening in my life right now... 
~Documenting~ All the adventures! We spent the last week traveling between Tennessee and North Carolina, visiting friends and family. I have done so much documenting that my phone is filled to the brim and I had to start deleting apps so that I could take more pictures of all the fun. Looks like it might be time for a new phone (boo), because I am in desperate need of more storage space! 

~Accomplishing~ My 'to-do list'; slowly, but surely! I actually stink (real bad!) at being organized with my time. This is the first year I have actually even utilized a planner and, while it is still a huge learning process, I feel like it has made a huge difference. So I am spending the morning filling in my planner for the next two weeks and then it will be time to tackle the things I said I would do! If you are a newbie to the planner world, this one has been super helpful. 

~Enjoying~ A quite morning on the porch, with my coffee and a beautiful view, to ease back into the work grind! I am still away for the next two weeks, but will be working remotely. I am loving being able to set up anywhere and enjoy a gorgeous view and fresh mountain air while I work! 

~Reading~ All the things!! We road tripped up, and will be doing the same to get back home, which I love because it means I stock up on books and read to my hearts content. My current list includes the two books we are reading for book club (Small Great Things and The Orphan Keeper) and In a Dark, Dark Wood. After I finish Small Great Things my plan is to read In a Dark, Dark Wood, because it's been a quick minute since I have read a spookier book and I think it will break up some of the heart-heavy content that is in Small Great Things and The Orphan Keeper. What are you reading? Anything I need to add to my list?  

~Spending~ Too much money!! I just had to buy a new computer, as I had been using my work computer for personal use as well. Leaving my old job meant leaving that computer behind. I am loving my new one, but will be trying to NOT spend very much this next month, because computers are just dang expensive!! Here's to seeing if I can keep myself from eating out in July! Have you ever tried a 'no-spend' month?! I am so curious! Any tips?! 

Hope your July is off to a wonderful start!! 
What's going on in your world currently?! 


  1. I always feel I need a vacation when I return from vacation!

    Love that you include reading on your trips!

    Reading List

  2. Wow, the new job sounds exciting, with all the possibilities it brings! Enjoying fresh air and views is one of the excellent perks of working remotely - I love it. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Yes, being able to slowly enjoy coffee with a view is everything! Found your blog through the link up and love it :)

  4. I loved In a Dark, Dark, Wood! Bummer that they're so expensive but it's exciting about a new computer!

    1. Ahhh, yay! So glad to hear you liked it! Makes me even more excited!

  5. Such a fun post! Those books sound intriguing and I feel like I often spend the most money in the summer (hello vacation) and winter (hello holidays). It may be more realistic to have two or three months that you cut your spending down a percentage instead of the no spend one month deal. But if you try that I'll be curious to know how it goes! :-)
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

    1. Haha, true! Summer is definitely a big spending time for me too. I like the spread out lower spending idea!

  6. What a fun update! I bought a new computer at the end of last year and I'm still loving it! :)

  7. I loved Small Great Things AND In a Dark Dark Wood--I can't wait to hear what you think of the second one!

  8. I always do no spends! I've actually been doing a no spend since January for planner supplies because I don't need anything. But I'm going to break the no spend to get a new planner. I'd say just try to stay away from the store that makes you want to spend all your fundz lol.

  9. I hate that computers are so expensive!! But I'm feeling lately like pretty much everything is too expensive, haha.

  10. Saw many blogs. Read many writings. This is something different. Something amazing.


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