Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#TravelTuesday 17// Off to See the World... Kind Of, Maybe, We'll See

It's time for another #TravelTuesday link up!
And I can't wait to see all of your adventures; especially since I don't really have one of my own to offer! Sorry!! I have tons in the works (Vegas, DC...) that I had hoped to use today, but life y'all, life! So, thank you, thank you for your grace and understanding. 

Even though I don't have anything new to share travel wise, I thought I would give you a brief little insight as to why. Soooo, I have kind of been keeping a bit of a secret. And by secret, what I really mean is I wasn't yet ready to put it down in words. Because that makes it real; and while it is very exciting, it is also scary and sad and happy all-in-one. #Allthefeels is an understatement! 

Anywho... I am going to be transitioning off staff at my current job. A job I LOVE and one that has brought me so many wonderful moments and friendships through the past 3 years! I get to teach sweet kiddos about Jesus, hang with some awesome people, and have the most AMAZING team of work peeps. I know you are probably thinking, so why are leaving?! 

Well, this decision gets us one step closer to being on the road full-time. Though nothing is set in stone yet, our plan is to hit the road in some capacity between September and October. I have found a remote position teaching English to kids in China (an awesome gig I will share more about soon, but that you can check out here if the thought peeks your interest. You can use my referral link for a little bonus fun for both of us, if you are hired!) that I can do from the road. We are just waiting to figure out Babe's job stuff (anyone want to hire my financially-business-brained husband remotely, lemme know!! haha). 

So for now, I am spending the majority of the next two weeks training the sweet gal who is going to be taking my position, wrapping up odds-and-ends, and hanging out with all my favorite people at Summit Church before my last day next Thursday. 

That being said, I can't wait to see where all you have been!! I need all the inspiration I can find to remind that this leap of faith isn't totally ridiculous! I am Pinterest crazy on #alltheplaces, because, while I am sad to leave, I am so stoked for the experiences to come! The first trip will be in Tennessee and North Carolina. Anything we HAVE TO see?! I am also really hoping to plan my first solo trip. Any female ladies done a solo-trip before?! Would really appreciate any tips! 

What adventures have you been up to? 
Try a new restaurant in your own backyard? 
Taken a day trip in your home state? Journeyed to far off lands? 

Link up below and let's travel together!! 

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~I will also be sharing my favorite post from the month before. May's fave was from Aloha Lovely, because I could use a little chill in my life right and her Waikiki Chill post has me all kinds of dreaming about a good book, an umbrella drink and one of those half-submerged pool chaise loungers! 


  1. Whoo! Sounds like you have some cool travel plans in your future! I used to live in China and taught English at a high school--strangely, I think I'd be way more nervous about teaching over the computer screen rather than in person. :P

    1. I was definitely nervous at first, but it got easier every class and now I am loving it!! It would be so fun to be able ot teach in person though :)

  2. I love aloha lovely and that post you mentioned!!! Congrats on this big step looking forward to following along!!!


  3. I've done several solo trips, here are some of my tips:
    1. Always notify someone back home where you'll be at. For example if you're going to be at a park, just let that person know where you'll be and for how long (and approximate).
    2. Make sure you carry a first aid kit
    3. Don't leave your cash in one place only. Make sure you have several secret spots where to hide it. FYI, the safe at a hotel isn't always safe...just so you know.
    4. Carry a photocopy of your passport. Unless it's absolutely necessary to carry your passport around everywhere you go, it's better to just carry a copy and don't risk losing it. Just make sure you leave the original one in a safe place.
    4. Always ask God to protect you, right before you leave your hotel, before you even cross that door.
    5. Enjoy!!!! Don't worry too much, you'll have a blast! God always knows how to give a good surprise on solo travels and ends up being the trip of a lifetime!

    1. These are all SO great!! All the heart eyes for #5; I can be the worst at getting into my own head and not experiencing the beauty of the experience for what it is. Thank you for all of these tips!!

  4. Being a female solo traveler is so liberating, but it doesn't come without risk. I sometimes forget that I'm not invisible, so my number one tip would be to stay safe by always being aware of your surrounding. Have so much fun!


    1. Thank you, thank you! Super helpful!! I am definitely a little nervous, so I will probably be uber aware, but I am excited to experience the freedom of it.

  5. Big steps coming, congrats about taking those steps to making it a a reality. Though, I understand it must have been a tough step to take, because that does sound like an amazing job you had <3. Best of luck in this new adventure, and I hope it's bold and rewarding and meaningful for you!

    This is what I've been doing: https://wandertoes.com/2017/06/22/solo-mom-travel-being-connected/

    1. Thank you so much for that sweet encouragement!! Excited to see what you have been up to!

  6. Great Plans and i wish you all the success. I left home 2 years ago as a solo traveler and amazing is an under statement. If you need any motivation or inspiration, feel free to browse through my posts. I hope you find what you been looking for. x


  7. Teaching English online is one of the best remote jobs that I know of. There are a lot of kids and adults who are eager to learn English. It is also more affordable and practical for them. You are in the right path! It will take time to adjust because you sound like you like kids a lot but it will be fine. You can pursue your passion and travel the world.


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