Life's Sweet Journey: #TravelTuesday 15// Sail Away Fun

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#TravelTuesday 15// Sail Away Fun

Happy Tuesday Travelers!! 
Super excited for another #TravelTuesday link up! 
I am actually sailing the high seas right now and procrastination was in full force, so I don't have anything new today, but here is a peek back through all previous cruising fun, should you wish to explore them. In the meantime, leave your adventures below so we can all get some travel inspiration. 

~*~Past Cruising Fun!~*~
Carnival Breeze- This was actually probably one our our favorite cruises! We LOVED every port! 
Fun in Port (Grand Turk, Curacao, Aruba) 

My Cruise Must Haves (Originally posted before the last time we tried to take this cruise; Hurricane Matthew had other plans- as long as you are reading this post, then we actually made it on this time!)

Allure of the Seas- Our most recent adventure on the high seas and our first time with a balcony room! 
~ Adventure on Board
~ Labadee, Haiti- Royal Caribbean's Private Beach
~ Falmouth, Jamaica- Time at the Blue Hole 

We definitely love to cruise! This week I am sailing sans Babe, but I do have my mom, sis and cousins in tow, for a Girl's Cruise Extravaganza!! My cousin has never cruised before and this was  a retirement gift from her mom. I am super pumped to see what she thinks about life on the boat!! 

What adventures have you been up to? 
Try a new restaurant in your own backyard? 
Taken a day trip in your home state? Journeyed to far off lands? 

Link up below and let's travel together!! 
~On the 2nd Tuesday of every month I will be sharing a new travel post and would love to see where you have been exploring!
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~I will also be sharing my favorite post from the month before. March's fave was from Fill My Passport, because her extensive list of 150 uncommon things to do in London was great for any future London travel plans of any budget! 


  1. I've never done a cruise and honestly am kind of scared of them because being on boats tends to make me feel sick, even big ones. But I love the idea of easily getting to see/stop at all of these beautiful places on one trip. Hope your latest one was fab! And also I love this idea for a linkup... I'll be back :)

    1. Yeah, if they make you sick they are no fun! I was really worried about my mom, as she has vertigo and typically feels nauseous just walking on land, but she did surprisingly well. Better than we did actually on the night the seas weren't great. Maybe it counter balanced her veritgo lol! She also has dosed up on Bonine and had sea band bracelets, so maybe they actually work!

  2. A girls trip sounds like so much fun! Hope you're having fun on your cruise!

    1. We really had a wonderful time! It had been such a long time since I had cruised without my husband, totally different cruising experience, but fun all the same!!

  3. Taking a cruise is on my bucket list! I want to travel as often as possible this year especially!

    1. Hope you make it happen!! If you end up near a cruise port look into "sail away" trips for boats leaving that weekend (have to book at least a few days in advance for paperwork) and you can often find awesome deals because they are trying to fill up the ship!

  4. Love linking up! This month I put a post about a cooking class I did in Northern Italy. It was pretty sweet! I am so jealous of all your cruises, I cant wait to take my kids on one!

    1. Oh my gosh?! Northern Italy Cooking?! Sign me up!! And hope you get to sail away sometime soon!! They are a great way to travel, especially with kids! I know a lot of families with littles want to splurge for a Disney cruise the first time, and while they really can't be compared to for cruising with kids, Royal Caribbean also has good kids programs and they are about half the price. I would definitely recommend RC over Carnival though if you are taking littles! Just more for them to do and I would feel safer with their childcare and kid-friendly ship environment overall!


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