Life's Sweet Journey: April Currently and Giveaway Fun

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Currently and Giveaway Fun

Happy Wednesday All!! 
Hope your day is glorious!! 

I am kicking off April with Anne for another Currently edition! Here's what April is currently looking like in my world... 

~Accomplishing~ All kinds of paperwork for my new job! It's a little scary and a little exciting, because it has the potential of getting us one step closer to full-time RV life!! 

~Feeling~ Excited about the giveaway currently going on over on Instagram! I am partnering with 6 other awesome shops for a "Tee-a-Day Giveaway"! One winner will win a graphic tee from each shop; one for everyday of the week. Head over and check it out if you want to join in! 

~Needing~ To go clean the mess that is my kitchen! I hosted book club last night and we had a blast sipping wine and eating lasagna bites, but my kitchen it paying for it this morning. Lasagna is a messy meal prep! I think I used every bowl in the house. **Book shout out to Eight Hundred Grapes- such a good one y'all! Super quick, fun read!! Plus it has you wanting to sip all the vino and who doesn't love that!!  

~Practicing~ How-to videos for the the new j-o-b! 

~Pinning~ All the awesome travel spots over on my Travel Tuesday link up board. A new link up will go live on Tuesday for anyone who wants to join in and share some of their adventures. 

And that's it for April... for now! 
What is going on in your world currently?! 


  1. Oooh, I love a good book club read, and even better when it pairs well with wine :) And good luck with the new job!

  2. Yay for your new job!! I wish I had a book club. I tried to put one together with friends but nobody was really making it work - or reading the books apart from me.


    1. We found a really good group, that just fit a niche. We take turns hosting and make it fun to try to theme the night around the book. The books are all so different, because whoever hosts gets to pick. So we do have months (we meet once a month) where some people don't end up reading (we try, but if we can't get into it some of us choose not to read) but we still come and chat and hear what those who did read thought. It's all pretty relaxed. If people can't meet we still do it even if there are only half of us who can make it (theres 10 total). Hope maybe you can get one going again in the future :)

  3. Congratulations on the new job!!


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