Life's Sweet Journey: Orlando Bestie Adventures!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Orlando Bestie Adventures!

Some days you start out with huge plans to be super motivated and then life just says, "nah! Not today!! Today was one of those days... 
It all started with the need desire for blueberries! 
And so instead of a super productive Friday I instead ended up with a wonderful FriYAY filled with bestie adventures!! 
Keith Urban is right, "some of the best days of our life is really all the wasted time"!

5 FriYAY Adventure Happies
1.) It all started because my local blueberry upick said this was the last weekend for blueberry picking and I needed berries!!! Seriously though, I have big plans to make a cobbler this weekend for either my brother and his wife's baby shower tomorrow or a cornhole tourny we are going to on Sunday at my bro-in-law and soon to be sis-in-laws. So out to Tom West's I was headed (and I did and I am so glad because the blueberry supply left was growing slim and they have a big event for the last weekend and I just know it would have gotten picked clean!), but I didn't want to go alone. So I tried to coax the bestie into going (Yay, I won- and she LOVED it!), but once I finally had her committed, she told me that first we had to stop for...
2.) Coffee!!! She was taking her mom to breakfast at a little diner down the street from our house. So I crashed their mother-daughter date and enjoyed some yummy fuel for our morning adventure! 
3.) After blueberry picking we had planned to head home to check off some of our to-do lists, but the blueberry farm is soooo close to one of the best restaurants in Orlando, Yellow Dog Eats (pictured above)! And because it is somewhat far from our house, you simply can't be that close and not stop for lunch! 
4.) We then headed back to my house, where we did actually get one pretty major thing accomplished. She helped me go through my closet and purge it of about 50,000 items! There are still 100,000 things left... P.S. I have too many clothes!! We may have been able to get more done if we had focused solely on being efficient, but sometimes you just have to dance to the 90s Pandora and try to see if you can pull of hippie braids! 
5.) And now we are preparing to end our evening with a night at the Hoop Dee Doo Review out at Disney's Fort Wilderness, to celebrate her cousins graduation!

So all-in-all, there were big things to get done, they just didn't look anything like the original checklist, but hey, bestie adventures and days to throw in the towel on the "musts" is even more important than anything that could have gotten checked off a list! 

Happy FriYAY Y'all!!
Hope you have a glorious (and long) weekend, celebrating with friends and family and bestie adventures!!   

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