Life's Sweet Journey: 5 Highlights from my trip to Kenya

Monday, May 2, 2016

5 Highlights from my trip to Kenya

We're back from Kenya and my mind is still reeling and processing and spinning, but my heart is oh so full!! Here's a sneak peek at my trip and some of the amazing highlights from my time in Nairobi...
 ~SMILES~ So much smiling in Kenya! It was a beautiful thing to see. Despite some of the conditions (the rain, the poverty, the mud) the smiles were prevalent. The kids (and adults) were so welcoming and the smiles were everywhere. Kids would smile and wave, shouting "How are you" with their Kenyan accents and laugh and giggle whenever we responded or would light up when we greeted them first with a "sasa" (Kenya greeting for children). The Bible Clubs we spent some time observing were filled with even more smiles!! And tons of...

~DANCING and SINGING~ The worship in Ngando (the community where we spent the majority of our time) still blows me away! They can worship and sing for hours, voices and arms lifted high and the dancing makes it even more fun!! I LOVE worshipping Kenyan style!!

~THE PEOPLE~ I met so many wonderful people! The Kenyans were so hospitable and it was so nice being welcomed into the culture in Ngando. It was also such a blessing to be there with the team from the US. The Matlack's (who call Ngango home) are a wonderful couple with such an amazing heart for serving and living life with the marginalized poor. They moved into Ngango 5 years ago, have made it their home and truly love the people they get to do life alongside. Learning from them and being invited into their family is something I will always be grateful for! I also loved getting to know Jessica and Nathan (who I traveled with from Summit) better! International travel really is a great way to get to know people quickly. Still missing all the time we got to spend together!!

~SAFARI~ Be still my adventure loving heart!! Safari day was so cool!! Rhinos, giraffes, zebras... we saw so much during our morning in Nairobi National Park and I can't wait to share more of the fun with you soon! But first I have to pick through thousands of pictures!

~BEAUTY~ Kenya truly is a beautiful country! So much green, so much wildlife, so many beautiful people...
A once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget!

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  1. You can really appreciate the splendor of our planet's woods, mountains, rivers, lakes, and night sky when you go 2 man tent camping. Nature's peacefulness and stillness may do a body and soul good.


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