Life's Sweet Journey: Words for Wednesday: The Silent Pull

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Words for Wednesday: The Silent Pull

I found this gem a few months ago and I loved it the moment I saw it. At that point in time my dream of Flo (our new RV) was just that, a pull that was silently drawing me further. I had never pictured myself ever wanting an RV, but with a new found thirst for adventure mixed with the chance for quiet moments, where we could pull away from the world for a bit, a dream started to grow. It grew slowly at first, silently, and then with more passion and voice. And now that dream has become a reality and Flo is currently sitting in my driveway. I leave her each morning with a smile, thinking about all the places we will go and the moments Babe and I will share together. And then when I come home, especially after a long day, she gives me an afternoon burst of excitement and I remember the dream and the journey to make it real. 

Today my hope for you is that you let yourself take a moment to be pulled by what you really love, by the things that bring you joy and renewal. I pray that that silent draw can grow and that you share it with someone and let it tug you onward and that soon you find yourself dreaming of where that love will take you! 

Our first morning with Flo, waiting for her to be serviced at the dealership. 
So what's pulling you currently? 

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