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Saturday, August 8, 2015

August Currently

I can not believe August is actually here! Figured I would join in on the Currently August fun for a little catch up of what has been going on in my world!

I haven’t been creating much lately, though soon I will be putting some finishing touches on some pre-created pieces that will be going in our kitchen!! Yay for a handy father-in-law and awesome antique finds in Georgia. However, while on vacation we did do a little shopping for a backpack drive and created some back-to-school encouragement signs to add to the backpack. You can read more about that here.

Big news folks!!! We finally bit the bullet and purchased an R.V.!  I could not be more ecstatic about our new “baby”! I will share more info about Flo (short for FloRida ReVa) once we pick her up from the shop, but for now I have been Pinterest crazy putting together a wish list of all the best Florida adventures to take! Any good ones I should add to my list?!

I am hoping to get the house organized this week. Which means more so that I am hoping a little organization fairy just miraculously shows up at my house. Either that or I hope to somehow acquire some organizational skills between now and Monday! Here’s to hoping…

We spent a lot of time eating on vacation. I don’t often cook at home anymore. With just the two of us, plus our busy schedules, we just tend to stick to our usual meals that don’t require a lot of prep (tacos and popcorn are staples on our weekly menu; we’re super healthy I know). Being on vacation with two kids in tow means popcorn and tacos just won’t cut it and the eating out bill gets a lot higher. So, I had the chance to cook and I realized I miss it. I think my favorite this week was Frogmore Stew. It’s simple, only one pot and very little clean up!

1.) Set a large pot to boil. Throw in some Old Bay seasoning (I don’t really measure this anymore, just however much I feel comfortable with that day).
2.) While water boils, rinse and cut up medium red potatoes (leaving skin on). I then sprinkle those with garlic salt and a little more Old Bay and place them in the pot. Boil for 10 minutes.
3.) While tatoes boil, split ears of corn in half (I usually do a half an ear per person) and cut up smoked sausage (we prefer Kielbasa, but it just depends on the heat you want). I salt the corn with garlic salt and more Old Bay and then throw both the corn and sausage in the pot. Boil another 10 minutes.
4.) After 10 minutes is up, put peel-and-eat shrimp (deveined and cleaned, but still in the shell) into the pot and boil until the shrimp is pink (usually 3 minutes).
Voila!! You are finished! Enjoy!

Oh bless, this week it has been nothing but Toy Story and Rugrats and American Girl movies. Thankfully we were able to throw The Sandlot into the mix or I might have gone bonkers! Maybe watching those once would have been fine, but hearing two American Girl movies play on repeat three times in a row (each!) was enough to have me dreaming of it at night! Excited to get home and finish watching me some Once Upon a Time haha! That and I checked Alien out from the library and Babe and I plan to watch it this week. Shockingly enough for someone who loves old scary movies, I have never seen it.

One other sweet piece of news is my newest little nephew, Ryker, who was just born this morning (post written previous to birth)!! I'm off to go upload some pictures of his sweet little face so that my sister can see them all. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. An RV - how fun! And I love a shrimp boil like that... might have to add it to our dinner menu soon. Thanks for linking up!


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