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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Great Reads of the Month October Link Up

Happy Wednesday!
It's starting to "feel a little cooler" here in Florida (and by cooler I mean low 90s as opposed to high), but I am not letting the heat stop me from pretending its fall which is my favorite time to cozy up with good book. With the stack I made it through this month I feel like I may as well have been holed up in a cabin with its own personal library. I am considering starting a reading round up, because I would love to see what everyone else is reading. Want to link up what you've been reading lately? Join in using the "add link" button at the bottom of this post for any book related blog posts you have and let's read together!

Books To Read One of Us is Lying

Saint Anything

I had forgotten how much I loved Sarah Dessen books when I was in high school. I had read her well into my early 20s as well and at some point fell away from it, completely on accident. When a friend mentioned one of her books the other day I decided to see if there was anything I hadn't read from her available when I went to the library. Saint Anything reminded me of everything I enjoy about Sarah Dessen and her writing. Not only that but Saint Anything is a book that hits very close to home for me...

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Visiting Crescent City California and Battery Point Lighthouse

Happy #TravelTuesday Adventurers!
For the first time in what feels like forever I am sharing more of our time on the road and getting back  my monthly travel link up- so be sure to add any of your own recent adventures at the bottom of the post. Today I'm heading back clear across the US to our time along the California cost... most of the fun is in the video, but here is what we did and where we stayed!

RVing The California Coast

We entered into California and headed straight for Redwood National Park. While we didn't have time to do the full park, we started at the northern tip near Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October Currently

"Oh my gah, 
We're back again..." 
One month later, one new post, same monthly link up with Anne; I am really doing well at this whole goal of getting out more regular blog posts! Here's to trying again next month, but for now here is what October is looking like currently... 

{Arranging} Schedules and permits and licenses, oh my! We are finally getting closer to being able to open the wine bar. Crimson House is starting to move forward, without the backwards steps we seemed to keep tripping over. It feels so nice to see a year and a half of waiting begin to pay off! 

{Loving} The sweet time that we got to spend with our nieces and nephews this past weekend! 

{Embracing} The fact that right now we aren't really sure what life is going to look like in the coming months. For a while I was having a very hard time with that- to be honest, a lot of days I still do, but I am trying to just let this season play out however God is intending it to. 

{Purchasing} ALLLLL the beautifully illustrated wonders of the Wizarding World! The newest Harry Potter Illustrated edition comes out on the 29th and you best bet that I have had it preordered already. I am beyond excited for it to arrive! Do you own any of the illustrated editions? They bring Harry Potter to life in a whole new way! I love seeing the creativity and imagination put into setting the words to illustrations. 

{Sharing} Favorite books to read in October over on Pinterest! I created the light last year and have added a few that I have read since. I love reading spooky stories to get me in the halloween spirit! What are some of your favorite October reads?! 

Short and sweet, but that's October here currently! 
What is life looking like for you lately?! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Currently Amazon Finds of The Month

September Currently  

Hello September! 
I feel like I say the same thing this time every year; maybe it's just the cycle of life, but it seems like I can only keep up with a monthly post these days! And so, now, one month later it's time for another Currently link up with Anne. I have set goals for more regular posting though, because I have trips to catch up on and things to share from our current little beachside town. Now to just see if I can actually follow through! Anyways, here's what things are currently looking like around here... 

{Making} Plans for where we will be parking our little home-on-wheels for the next two months. We weren't planning to leave our coastal campground for another month, but thanks to Hurricane Dorian we made a quick exit Sunday morning and came inland to my parents in Orlando. Once the storm passes, we are thinking we might actually try to find a park near Disney for the rest of the month to get good use out of our annual passes and go to Epcot Food & Wine as often as possible. Not going to lie, I'm not side about that aspect of the quick changes Hurricane Dorian brought us. It also gave us a good excuse to give the camper a good deep clean! 

{Discovering} All the great Amazon finds!! Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds of the month:

Amazon Finds of the Month

The Missing Years- I stayed up until 1am finishing this last night; something I haven't done in a long time! Set in the Scottish Highlands The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott is the perfect read as we head into fall. It's got such a spooky edge to it without being scary and will have you questioning everyone in the book. When Ailsa Calder inherits half a house she moves into it with a half-sister she hardly knows and begins to try to piece together what happened to her father, who disappeared when she was only a child and who owns the other half of the house. However, when strange things begin happening at the house she will start to question if she should be staying at all. If you like family mysteries, Scottish accents and houses that go bump in the night you will want to grab The Missing Years! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Currently || GIVEAWAY

Happy August! 
We spent the past weekend ending out the summer Georgia style with our annual Aunt Mel and Uncle Andrew trip to Big Canoe with our nieces and nephews. We are in the car on the way back to Orlando and the kiddos are well worn-out and ready to start a new school year. Linking up with Anne for another Currently edition; here's how our August is looking right now! 

{Ordering} A new one piece bathing suit from Amazon! Considering it was under $15 I got a lot of life out of this one, but I stretched the back of it going on the rock slide this weekend. I really want a one shouldered suit, so I am snagging this one and crossing my fingers it fits as well as my last Amazon suit find! 

{Watching} We've been watching Dexter on Netflix. We are on the 5th season and it's starting to get a little repetitive for me. Babe still likes it so we are sticking it out, but we've started mixing it up with Redbox movies we haven't seen yet. 

{Cooking} Our HelloFresh meals! We had it a long time ago and I recently decided to try it out again when we got a coupon code for joining up again. While I do think it's a little expensive if you are paying full price it's so convenient and you have most of your meals planned for the week. We also had Blue Apron last month, but we have been much more satisfied with the HelloFresh meals, so I canceled the Blue Apron subscription. If you have been wanting to try HelloFresh I have 2 free boxes left to give out and am happy to share (email me at, once those are gone you can also save $40 off your first box here

{Wondering} What in the world our next life step will be: between Crimson House, online teaching and another job possibly in the works it will mean juggling a lot, but I tend to typically have a few different jobs I am doing at any given time and I like the variety. It does lead to rethinking where we may continue living though; do we stay in the camper? Do we move the camper closer into Orlando instead of staying at the beach? Do we move back into our house that we are currently renting out? So many things to process in the next month... 

{Savoring} My last few bottles of Vital Proteins collagen water! I received these to try out and really like them. I love Vital Proteins collagen peptides, so I was really excited when they came out with collagen water. I really do feel like my hair and nails are a lot stronger since I started using collagen and my face seems a little more dewy. The collagen waters are also just a nice way to add flavor while I try to stay hydrated. I will typically pour half of a bottle into my Yeti and top it with regular water. Makes each bottle last longer and also helps me drink more water during the day. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Water

I tried the Blackberry Hibiscus and Blueberry Mint flavors. Both are good, but I definitely preferred the Blackberry Hibiscus (I can be weird about mint) and I am going to grab the Strawberry Lemon to try next. I have a few more bottles left, so I figured I would let one of you do the taste test and try them for themselves. I am giving away two bottles of Vital Proteins Collagen Water (one of each flavor)! Enter below to win the chance to try them for yourself.

**Rafflecopter Giveaway is now closed: Congrats to the Winner, Rebecca!**

Happy entering! 
What are you doing to wrap up summer?!