Life's Sweet Journey: First Friday Favorites: We're Cruising, Baby

Friday, May 5, 2023

First Friday Favorites: We're Cruising, Baby

Today's First Friday Favorites Link Up is going to be short and sweet because... we're headed out on a CRUISE!! For the first time in about 5 years! We booked a cruise in 2020 (knowing it might very well get canceled) for our 10 year year anniversary. Sure enough, we all know that two weeks did not stay two weeks. We are finally using our cruise credit and instead setting sail for our 13th anniversary. 

We will be sailing on Royal Caribbean for just a long weekend and have absolutely ZERO plans to leave the boat. We have been to the Bahamas many times (like this awesome day) and don't feel like fighting the port crowds. We are looking forward to just relaxing by the pool, sipping drinks, and eating all the foods. 

Since I've got sailing on my mind we will start things off with a look back at past cruises!

Favorite Bahamas Excursion

We had been into Nassau many times and always eyed the abandoned lighthouse that sits at the edge of the port as you sail away. Before one of our cruises we decided to look it up to see if you could get there somehow. You can hike the edge of the beach from Atlantis, but it's a long haul. The other option? See if there is someone along the water with a boat for hire who may be willing to take you across the small stretch of water from the seawall to the lighthouse. Ask one of the tour cabanas, they usually know a local that they will hook you up with. We were introduced to Baba and he took up over and back from $40 (plus we tipped $20). We paid him the first half to take us, second to pick us up. MAKE sure to build in time to walk back if you have to! By choosing to go out on your own you don't have insurance from a cruise booked excursion to ensure you cruise ship will wait for you. You can learn more about our experiences and preference for planning our own excursions in this post

Favorite Reads This Month 

Favorite Reads of the Month

I just got done listening to Remarkably Bright Creatures and I LOVED it! Think characters typical to Fredrik Backman books, but with the dog from Lessons in Chemistry too. I loved the back and forth viewpoints of the human characters and the octopus! Such a wonderful story. 

I also physically read Carrie Soto is Back and loved that too! I am pretty mixed on my Taylor Jenkins Reid books, but I really liked this one. Even though Carrie isn't really the most likable character, her unlike-ability is somewhat captivating and you find yourself rooting for her. Parts of it were heartbreaking, but overall it was so hopeful!

I also have a new book review vlog up, comparing Lucy Foley reads with a This or That book recommendation. Have you read either The Guest List or The Paris Apartment? Which did you prefer?

Favorite Amazon Find of the Month

I was looking for an inexpensive two piece bathing suit for the cruise and decided on this one that I found in a swimsuit round up on Carolina Charm. Honestly, this was my only Amazon purchase making it automatically the winner, but for a bathing suit under $20 it really is a good find. I am between sizes at the moment and went with a medium, which fit well in the top, but I don't love the fit of the bottom. I am still working on embracing the high waisted suit and so far I just don't feel completely comfortable with how much cheek it shows. It you are good with cheeky, then you will love it! I just may wear the top and pair it with other bottoms for now. 

First Friday Favorites Link Up

Favorite Quote

No new quote this month. We are leaving soon so time to cut this off! Instead, here is a post with some of my favorite ocean quotes

What are some of your favorites this month?! 
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  1. Enjoy your postponed cruise! That bathing suit is adorable. I often have to mix and match bottoms (or if it's a super cheap bathing suit I've even bought 2 to mix and match sizes).

    1. I actually thought about doing that!! I ended up loving the top, wore it every day on the cruise. I just paired it was an older bottom from another suit.

  2. I just finished the Paris Apartment and liked it better than the Guest List. I thought the ending was soooo good! My husband and I have never cruised. We've gone on a number of fun adventures/ trips but cruises have eluded us. We keep talking about it. We probably stay onboard especially for a long weekend cruise. I hope everything went well!


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