Life's Sweet Journey: Prime Day Finds 2022 Great Harry Potter Deals on Amazon

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Prime Day Finds 2022 Great Harry Potter Deals on Amazon

  Happy PRIME DAY! 

Here are some of my favorite finds this year! 

RV Living Prime Day Finds 

Prime Day Finds 2022

Dehumidifier- We currently live off of Damp-Rid in the camper, but have been considering switching it up to a dehumidifier. This one has great reviews and a good size capacity for small spaces. 
RV Water Filter- We always have one of these attached to the hose. 
Hose Support- We went without one for way too long! 
Kindle- As much as I hate reading books on any kind of device, I had to start reading from my phone while we were on the road because it was easier than finding a bookstore, plus I can do the library ebooks. Think getting an actual e-reader may make it feel more realistic than reading from my phone. Trying to decide between regular or Kindle Paperwhite... does anyone use either and have advice? 
Double Hammock- nothing better! Grabbing a second one so Babe will have his own when he doesn't want to cuddle me.

General Prime Day Finds 2022 

Prime Day Finds 2022

Nugget Ice Maker (Crunchy Ice Dreams)- Ice Maker with side tank, no bluetooth 
Roomba- Because I have always wanted to NOT vacuum! 
Shark Mop Vac- If you want more than just a robot vacuum, the Shark model can also mop. 
Off-Brand LifeStraw- Mostly because the hiking geek in me has always wanted to suck water straight from a stream. 
Revlon Dryer Brush- this thing will CHANGE your life! Not actually part of Prime Day, but 50% off the black with the pink trim only. 
Echo Dot- I am still debating this one, but the deal is too good to pass up. Probably because the want to hear everything we say, but hey, it they will turn my lights off for me so I don't have to get out of bed well why not?! 
23 & Me DNA Test Kit- Always wanted to try one! 
Exploding Kittens- This is one of our favorite games and it doesn't go on sale often! Snag it while you can. 

I will be looking for other great snags over the next few days! All items found will be added to my Amazon Affiliate Storefront under Prime Day Finds 2022! 

What are you finding for Prime Day this year?!

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