Life's Sweet Journey: September Currently Amazon Finds of the Month

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

September Currently Amazon Finds of the Month

Well, hello there September!

Another new month means another Currently link up with the wonderful Anne. I really love these as a way to look back on our life moments throughout the year. Here's what has been going on around these parts recently... 

{Anticipating} Another trip to Tennessee to get in some mountain air before we reopen Crimson House! I'm also planning to see a friend in Birmingham and another in Asheville and I'm excited to see their faces!

{Collecting} Basically all of Amazon it seems! I never bought anything online pre-COVID. Now I can't seem to stop. I got some good finds this month though that I am loving (totally using that to justify it), but I think my old lady heart is most excited about my puzzle board. 
September Amazon Finds of the Month

September Amazon Finds of the Month
Deep Greens- I actually got mine at our local health food store, but found them on Amazon as well. I have been making some delicious smoothie bowls in the morning by blending this in with frozen fruit, vanilla protein and collagen. I then top with frozen blueberries, crushed walnuts and a drizzle of local honey. These actually keep me going a lot longer than my bowl of Mini Wheats was and I feel energized, healthy and regular (yes, you catch my drift). 
Handheld Milk Frother- {Currently on sale for $9.99} I actually got this to blend my powders (collagen, fizz, greens...) into my water when I don't make my bowls. Babe thought I was crazy. He now loves it and uses it all the time to spruce up his morning coffee. This one even came with batteries! 
Detox Soap $6.77- LOVE, love, love this so much! I have been using charcoal soap for a while now and went searching for one because I could no longer find the one I had been using. I figured I would give something exfoliating a try thinking it would be like other exfoliating soaps I had used in the past that you could barely feel. This feels like being at the spa for a body scrub! It is rough without being painful and I love the way it makes my skin feel after a shower.
Puzzle Board- Be still my old lady heart! With Babe working from home he has taken over the dinning table as his office- not that we weren't already using the coffee table for all our meals. But when I picked puzzling back up the coffee table also became my space to work on puzzles. Trying to lay our food on top of my half-finished puzzles was getting old, plus the cat would lay on top of it and knock all the pieces on the floor. I finally bit the bullet when I saw a girl I follow on IG share the one she just got. I took a risk and got the less expensive one that looked exactly the same and it was in perfect shape! Super well constructed and perfect for puzzling in small spaces. It will be perfect if we ever make it back into the camper. The one I got is pretty big, because I hope to attempt a 1500 piece soon, but they have a smaller version that would be perfect if you plan to stick to 1k and under. 

{Appreciating} That someone took the decision of getting a wedding video made out of our hands. I was adamant that I didn't need a videographer, but my dad's best friend is pretty handy with a camera and his daughter was in video editing at the time. They gifted us a wedding video and I am sooooo glad we have it. I now tell everyone who is considering NOT doing a video to rethink it. The day was such a blur and especially now that my brother has passed away having those memories is that much more special. My mom had lost her copies and had been asking me to give her one of mine. I could only find one DVD and it wasn't in the best of shape, so I figured it was time to get it uploaded before the footage ended up gone for good.

{Starting} To work on our video from our annual Aunt Mel and Uncle Andrew trip to Georgia. I am missing having these kids with us 24/7, so I am going to take a trip through our memories from this years adventure and hope to have the video up soon. 

September Amazon Finds of the Month
September Amazon Finds of the Month

Also, if you are looking for a good car dropper for traveling with a car full of kids I loved working with Tool Guards. They are a great company, easy to communicate with and helpful if you have any issues. This fit five suitcases easily (two large, three small) and we still had room for more. You can snag a Tool Guards Car Topper here. **I did receive the car topper free in exchange for my opinion.

{Finishing} Both my physical and audiobooks; I just finished listening to Where the Lost Wander for book club. A wagon train making it's way West, it really pulls you into the story, trying to imagine what life must have been like then. I am also wrapping up The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. My poor sis-in-law thought she had lent it to someone she was never going to get it back from... that is until Babe and I were cleaning the camper and I found it in my books that were in my camper library. Sorry sis! So now I am trying to finish it before she gets here this weekend for some Labor Day fun, but am having to do it in small doses, because it will pull on your heart. 

{Thankful Things} Trying to be more mindful of keeping a positive outlook. I have been struggling lately and this really helps me.

- Babe's impromptu date adventure to Cocoa Village for a Brews and BBQ tour

- Sweet FaceTime phones calls with both of my nieces; one that made me feel needed, the other that made me so mindful that LOVE is what makes a family

- Ax Throwing Dates with new friends that make it really hard to consider leaving the beach

- Our first trip in the camper in a long time

And that's it around these parts currently! 

What about you? 
What are some of the things you are thankful for right now? 


  1. That detox soap sounds so amazing! I need to get some for myself! I do wish we had a wedding video. We had it all set up, but forgot to press play! At least we have the photos!

    1. Oh no! That stinks, but I see how easily that could happen. There's a lot going on on your wedding day.

  2. I have never heard of a puzzle board, but that is amazing! What a great gift idea for people that like to put together puzzles too.


  3. You gave me two more things to order from Amazon! Ugh..I mean, yeah! Can't wait to try that soap and those greens!!

  4. I'm always looking for new soap to try. I'll have to check this one out!


  5. Awww I have a really good friend in Birmingham too - jealous that you're able to get there to visit! And I have had a little milk frother in my drawer for years that I hardly ever used, but then this summer I discovered cold foam - just froth up about an ounce of milk for a minute, and it is SO good on top of cold brew :) Hope you have a great September!

    1. I have been meaning to try that! Do you ever sweeten it or add cream when you're mixing?


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