Life's Sweet Journey: Great Rv Movies to Watch When it's Raining

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Great Rv Movies to Watch When it's Raining

We have enjoyed a good many movie nights in our home-on-wheels camper, but to be honest we loved our RV related movie nights even more when were listening to the rain ping on the tin in our smaller weekend warrior. There was something so comfy and cozy when we were cuddled up in 22ft with a Jiffy Pop and the sound of the rain in the background. We watched some of the well known RV movies and the there are some that slide under the radar. We all know the National Lampoon's classic (which to be honest, I am not partial to; I know, I know RV sacrilege), but there are so many other great options out there! Here is my list of great RV movies to watch when it's raining... 

RV related movies to watch when it's raining 

(or any time you need some RV inspiration)...

Adults Only RV Movies

We're The Millers (DVD/Prime)- This is definitely not a movie for the little ears (or eyes), but definitely has it's pretty funny moments for an adults only movie night. Combining Rachel Green with RV life, it's a solid win in my book. 
The Long, Long Trailer- Though you could consider this kid friendly (i.e. it wouldn't hurt if they overheard it), it's not going to be very kid approved and probably won't keep there attention long. Great when you are in the mood for a sweet classic and a little Lucille Ball! We didn't realize until we had already sold FloRida Reva and we're looking to rewatch The Long, Long Trailer one night that we found out we had left it sitting in the DVD player upon sale. Our hope is that wherever Flo is adventuring now someone enjoyed watching Lucy and Ricky when they set out on their own adventure.
Two for the Road- Though not in an RV this Audrey Hepburn movie is perfect for anyone who loves a good road trip and the touch of grace and humor Miss Hepburn brings to the screen!
The Leisure Seeker- I actually have not watched this yet, but stumbled across the trailer and considering that even that had me tearing up I know the movie will most likely be a huge tear-jerker (hence why I haven't watched it yet). Starring the incredibly talented Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland (hello President Snow) this R rated movie follows an elderly couple on their RV voyage as the couple deals with the beginning stages of the husbands memory loss. Save this for a day you need a good cry!

Family Friendly RV Movies

RV- Because Robin Williams in an RV, need we say more?! I got lucky and got it on a double feature at Walmart for $5, so be sure to look there next time you're shopping at Wally World. 
Escape to Witch Mountain- There is something about the classic that will always surpass the new one, even if I do love The Rock! Maybe it's the RV versus the car, but if you haven't watched this one with the family it should be added. A great RV movie to watch when it's raining!
Cars- Van Scanlane is the RV seen throughout the Cars movies; he may be be a leading character, but between him and our favorite van life hippie Fillmore the Cars original and sequels are great for road life warriors! Grab the collectors box to add to your DVD stash or do a prime marathon.
Beethoven's 3rd- I can remember watching this as a kid; it's quirky, it's a definite third movie in a sequence (hello Home Alone 3), but it's cute it in it's own right if you are looking for something RV related to watch with the kiddos!

Any RV related movies I am missing? 
What are your favorite go-to movies to watch when it rains?

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  1. This is such a great list of movies for the RV! We always love those movie nights while huddled inside the camper.

  2. These are some great movies. We don't have a RV, but we did enjoy watching movies!

  3. Interesting list of movies! Thanks for this list!

  4. I need to watch some of these with my kiddos. They're obsessed with RVs!

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