Life's Sweet Journey: 5 on Friday and June Amazon Finds

Friday, June 21, 2019

5 on Friday and June Amazon Finds

Happy Friday Friends! 
I hope the week has been good to you! We have been busy over here, but excited for a break soon when we head to Tennessee for the 4th of July. I am looking forward to some time away with Babe, a 10 hour road-trip (no, there is no sarcasm in there), mountain-air and time with family! Until then though, here are some of the thing I have been loving in June... 


I am in a wonderful book club with some amazing ladies! We are truly a hodgepodge group of this person knew this person and somehow we became a group that just seems to gel really well. I feel like that doesn't always work out that easily, but I am so thankful this one did. I treasure each night with them, but this book club was extra special. Not only did we call get fairy hair in honor of our book club pick for the month (The Cruel Prince), but our own sweet Isabel is officially an author!! Her book WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT will be released on January 7th, 2020, but her ARC copies have come in so we got to see her book in the flesh. Seeing all her hard work displayed on printed pages was so awesome! I can remember when she first started pitching her book around 2 years ago. I never knew it could be such a long process to go from acquisition to print and she has poured her heart into every piece of it; she even got to use her design background to illustrate the cover and it is pure magic.

Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez
Source: Isabel's Instagram {she will be hosting ARC giveaways; so be sure to follow her}

You can preorder WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT at either Barnes & Noble or Amazon

Woven in Moonlight is a YA fantasy and with its immersive language, magical touches, masked vigilantes and girls who take charge of their own destinies you will be transported to the beautiful world Isabel has created which pays homage to her Bolivian roots.  Her mouth watering mentions to the amazing food will have you wanting to make sure you find a cafe that can make some good salentas!


My cousin graduated high school this year and she chose to come to Florida with some friends and her sweet mama for her senior trip. Not gunna lie; getting to be included in the shenanigans was probably the highlight of my month! It had me reminiscing about my own high school experience and the feelings that senior summer before setting off to college. We beached it, ate all the yummy foods, spent a full day frolicking at the Magic Kingdom and went kayaking with the manatees! If they don't mind heading back next week I would gladly do it all over again.

Norwoods in New Smyrna Beach
5 on Friday June Amazon Finds
5 on Friday June Amazon Finds


I guess calling them littles now doesn't really fit well, considering some of them are now 14, but I have gotten to spend a good bit of time with my nieces, nephews and the kids I nannied for (who basically may as well be family) this month and it did my heart so much good! Some of us crashed Disney's Boardwalk pool, I introduced others to the wonders of the library and spent time playing barely escaping houses because more and more hugs were needed. I just need to remember that whenever I am feeling down the best way to lift my spirits is to fill my meter with my favorite people! 


My mama and I love a good Broadway show and I am so grateful she lets me tag along as her plus one to most of the billed shows with her season passes. We have seen Anastasia, Dear Evan Hansen and a few other shows at the Dr. Phillips Center this year, but Come From Away was by far the show that blew it out of the park theater! Following the true story of the planes that were grounded in the small Canadian town of Gander, Newfoundland after the attacks on 9/11. The cast plays multiple roles (islands and those that have "come from away") and the writing is so well done that you are laughing, crying and then doing it all over again throughout the entire show. If you have the chance to see it I would highly recommend doing so! 

Come From Away Broadway Tour
June Amazon Finds of the Month

1. Honest Facial Wipes } I have been really trying to stay on top of my facial care, but whenever I wear makeup I am horrible about taking it off before getting in the bed and that typically results in some sort of break out within a day or two. These facial wipes have been a lifesaver! Not going to lie I may use one side to wipe my face and then the other to give my underarms a good swipe before hopping into bed... my husband is thankful too!
2. Valjean Labs Hydrate Serum } My SIL uses the whole line of Valjean labs products and I began using their FIRM Serum (every other night or so) after our trip to Glacier with her last year. We recently spent the night at their house and I, of course, had no facial products with me. My face was so dry and she gave me some of their hydrating serum to try. I may slowly start to convert until my entire bathroom cabinet is stocked with their stuff. It just leaves my face feeling so refreshed and for less than $15 it feels like a steal!
3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses } Between teaching online, blogging, and currently doing most of the work for Crimson House through the computer I am constantly staring at a screen and my eyes are hating me. I have been wanting to find a cheap pair of blue light glasses to try out to see if I like them before forking out mega bucks for a pair that I really like if I am going to wear them long-term. This pair is only $10 so I don't feel like I am breaking the bank to test them out.
4. Harry Potter LOVE Tee } My Deathly Hallows tee that Babe gifted me for Christmas about 4 years ago finally bit the dust; sadly! I have worn it so often it's finally starting to have a permanent stink and the hallows symbol is so worn it is barely noticeable. It was time for a new one and this one finally went on sale so I snagged it!
5. Bento Boxes } I snagged this set of 7 bento boxes for $9.99 and am pretty excited to put them to use! While we were staying with my sis/brother-in-law she mentioned making him lunches and Babe joked about not getting that kind of service. While I am not whipping up any kind of gourmet meals I felt like this could be a fun way to put together a little lunch for him from to time, as well as motivate me to pack healthy food options as opposed to constantly taking myself out to lunch. When I bought them I grabbed a jumbo bag of jerky and then paired that with veggies and chips we had in the fridge and it made the perfect little meal for Babe to take to work.

Side note: He in no way was trying to slyly tell me to make him lunches; when he saw I had he asked, "why? You don't do this type of thing. It's ok, I can get my own lunch." I reminded him of his joke (which he didn't even remember), told him I knew he was joking and hadn't meant anything by it, but that it got me thinking. Viola! Food for you (Which he took and ate happily)! Meal prep motivation for me!... Now, any bento box users out there? Share your favorite {easy/no cook} things to fill them with!

And that's it for June! We leave Wednesday for Tennessee and I can't wait! 
How has June been for you far? 
Any 4th of July plans?! 


  1. Curious about the tees from Amazon. If they don't fit how do you return them. I am checking this one out because my daughter would LOVE it!

    1. They are super easy to return; you just print off the return label from Amazon and then drop it off at post office or UPS and it ships back for free! I've gotten a couple tees off Amazon now and they have all fit pretty true to size.

  2. I would love to see more broadway plays. I haven't heard of that one but it does look good!

  3. I love your Friday roundup! The Woven in Moonlight book sounds amazing. My 14 year old will love it, thanks for the tip :)

  4. I would be very interest in seeing Come From Away

  5. This book news is so COOL! And the cover is absolutely amazing. Definitely going to check that out.

    And I am new to serums but have just started realizing their magics - love hearing about good ones that are also available on Amazon :)

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