Life's Sweet Journey: 5 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Experience in an RV Shower

Monday, April 29, 2019

5 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Experience in an RV Shower

Ok, let's face it! 
Spa-like and RV Shower, don't tend to go hand-in-hand...
One luxury you give up when you move into an RV is a long, hot shower at the end of hard day. You can have short and hot, you can have long and cold, but you can't typically have both. Unless you are willing to load up a shower caddy and trudge through the campground to the showers, you aren't going to have an endless supply of hot water- and that's even if your campground has showers. 

But, after 7 months on the road and over a year and a half living the RV lifestyle I've learned a few tricks to make an RV shower as close to spa-like as possible. It may not be easy, but it can be done. Here's how... 

5 Ways to Create a Spa-like Experience in an RV Shower

{ONE} Get a Good Shower Head 

I had heard over and over again that replacing the manufacturers installed shower head could make a world of difference, but I'll be honest, we were skeptical. I mean could it really get that much better?! Well, take my word for it; it can! The one that came standard with our RV wasn't terrible considering what I figured we would get from an RV shower head, but it still made it really hard to get the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair without holding the head directly on my scalp. I usually opted for showering in the campground showers (one, the pressure is usually really good and the hot water is endless) when we were on the road. Now that we are stationary however our park has no shower and it's also just a hassle to pack everything up, walk to the shower and then not feel gritty again by the time you get back in the camper after said shower. We finally opted to try a new shower head and it has made a world of difference! It's almost like being back in a fully-powered shower. We also took a risk and got a never heard of (to us) brand that was significantly cheaper than the Oxygenics brand other RVers are always raving about. The PIH High Pressure Shower Head is totally worth the $16! 

{TWO} Spa Quality Soap 

To take any normal shower experience to another level good quality soap is crucial! Yardley Activated Charcoal Moisturizing Bath Bar is the perfect soap to use for an at-home spa experience. Not only is bathing with activated charcoal super good for your skin Yardley's unique blend has an uplifting scent with notes of spearmint and bergamot. Activated Charcoal is good for so many things and skin is no different. Known to draw impurities from the skin, this activated charcoal bar really leaves my skin feel nourished, clean and hydrated! Yardley Bath Bars are not only paraben-free, but also free of sodium lauryl sulfates and are not tested on animals. I love knowing that my products are free of harsh chemicals!

Yardley Activated Charcoal Moisturizing Bath Bar
5 Ways to Create a Spa-Like Experience in an RV Shower

*Disclaimer: I received this Yardley Activated Charcoal Moisturizing Bath Bar for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. You can find Yardley products on sale at Walmart. 

{THREE} A Calming Playlist 

We all know that the key to a good spa experience is feeling like you are truly escaping the outside rush and noise. Set the mood by picking out the perfect playlist! Pandora has a station called Spa Radio and it's the perfectly relaxing soundtrack for making you feel worlds away from any worries.

{FOUR} Spa Like Smells 

The spa always has this distinct smell; I call it "the smell of peace". I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I feel like it must be what the inside of a cloud smells like. It's this dreamy mix of scents that makes my heart feel warm and my head a little fuzzy. I know I will never get it perfect, but I try! I take a cotton ball and put a few drops of essential oils on it, then stick it in the corner of the shower out of the spray of water. The oils mix with the steam and create an amazing spa-like scent! 

{FIVE} Prolong the Relaxation 

There is nothing better than a spa that has a relaxation room or hot tubs for you to enjoy after your services! So bring a little of that feeling home! Don't jump out of the shower and move directly on to your next task. Instead wrap your towel around your head, find a spot to put your feet up while the moisturizer you usually never remember to apply dries. Plan ahead by wetting a wash cloth and placing it in the freezer to chill (or snag one of those super strange face masks you always see people using). Then slice some cucumber from the fridge (enough to not only put on your eyes, but also to add to a glass of water and to nibble on- because you know you'll want to!) and lay them on your eyes with the chilled washcloth or mask over your face. Let yourself just breathe and listen to the soundtrack play in the background. 

Honestly, I think we could all use a little more of this in our lives! Heaven knows we can't go to the spa every month ($$$), but we can surely bring the spa-experience home. 

What is your favorite, easy way to pamper yourself? 
How do you find time to relax in the middle of a busy week? 


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  2. What a wonderful way to feel like your at home even when your on the road. Thank you for this post!

  3. I will have to share this with my mom! She has an RV and i bet she would love this

    1. Yay for another RV lover! Hope she enjoys road life as much as we do!

  4. Never been on an RV but it's a great idea to feel as if you were home!

    1. Yes, all the comforts of home but with the ability to travel!

  5. There are numerous approaches to de-stress and spas work in this. Exercise is a superb to improve metabolism


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