Life's Sweet Journey: March Currently// You Keep Me Safe & I'll Keep You Wild

Friday, March 3, 2017

March Currently// You Keep Me Safe & I'll Keep You Wild

So behind y'all, so behind!
I feel like this sweet little space has been failing to get the attention it deserves. 
Recently, I have only had time to throw together a few quick catch-up posts, which is where I am at again today with a little 5 on Friday fun, March Currently style!
I may get around to the trip sharing happiness I have been planning, but life y'all, life... 
Praise Jesus for FriYAY! 

Any who, here is a quick peek at my March Currently// 
~Watching~ Not a lot lately actually, though Sunday night is always movie night and we did watch The Accountant, with Ben Affleck. We both REALLY liked it! Some twists that I didn't see coming right away. I can typically call movies within the first thirty minutes, and if I can't, it's because they really messed it up and then I'm just mad. This one got me with some of the ending points, but mostly in a good way! I have also been trying to keep up with MTV's, The Challenge. I know, I know! So bad! But it is one of my guiltiest pleasures! Plus, CT is back this season and that just makes it even more exciting for me. I loved he and Diem and seeing him come back strong cheers up my little soul! 

~Eating~ The yummiest of pumpkin breads that a sweet volunteer from church made for us!! 

~Saying~ "I will stick to my Lent mission! I will stick to my Lent mission!" I am purging 40 things a day from the house for 40 days! I tried two years ago and did pretty well, but fell off at the end. "I can do it, I can do it!! I will not be a hoarder, I will not be a hoarder!!" 

~Wearing~ My "You Keep Me Safe & I'll Keep You Wild" tee! Want one of your own?! You can grab them through my shop link for the next few days. Use code SHOPSWEET for 10% off your purchase!! There are also AdventurHER and Serenity options available as well! 

~Posting~ Not our Jamaica or Vegas trips... yet!! But they are in the works, even if they are a long time coming! Instagram has been getting more of the focus recently, but it's just so much easier to jump on there between the work and the adulting and all the trying to squeeze in adventures in between-ness! I promise little space, I will not neglect you much longer! 

How's your adulting/ life-ing/ working/ blogging balance going lately? 
Anyone else as pumped as me that it's Friday?! 


  1. Oh man, too much need for adulting lately in life... but I do love this Lent idea! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Thanks :) Hope this week finds you with a little break time from all the adultingness!!

  2. Love that shirt! I've been wanting to watch the Accountant - good to know that you liked it!

    1. Thanks :) And hope you get a chance to watch it soon!!

  3. That is an AMAZING lent mission! I may adopt it! I've never heard of it before!


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