Life's Sweet Journey: Happy Birthday Flo! 5 Favorite FloRida Moments!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Flo! 5 Favorite FloRida Moments!!

FriYAY!! Happy Friday Y’all!! We are currently loaded down with 4 kids and a car full of coffee and headed to Georgia for our annual “Aunt-Mel-and-Uncle-Andrew-take-on-the-kiddos” trip!! Believe it or not, this is actually one of our favorite trips of the entire year and one we wouldn’t trade for all the exotic vacations, but we are missing getting to celebrate Flo’s birthday with a Florida adventure!

FloRida Reva has officially been part of the family for a year now! We will be celebrating with a Flo-trip soon, but until then I figured what a perfect time to look back over some of my favorite Flo memories!!

Here are my top 5 favorite moments with Flo:
- Our “get to bring her home” weekend!! She may have been signed and sealed 1 year ago, but we actually didn’t get to pick her up for another two weeks. She had to be checked over, then we had our Georgia trip with the kids and then we finally got to go get her and spend a weekend getting accustomed to all things RV. Still love Lazy Days and all they do to get you set-up properly!

- Flo’s very first trip! If you have never been to Fort DeSoto, go now!!

- Flo’s first out of state trip!! We love Georgia, both in the city and the country!! 

- Our first boondocking experience!

- Manatee Swimming fun in Crystal River!!

The list could go on, but we will stick with those for now! I love all of FloVentures and can’t wait to officially celebrate her birthday in style!! Until then,

Happy Birthday Flo!!

There is also a little shop giveaway going on over on Instagram, to celebrate, so feel free to head over and check it out!!

Happy adventuring friends!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

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