Life's Sweet Journey: Words for Wednesday: Beautifully You!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Words for Wednesday: Beautifully You!

Why do you question yourself?
Always questioning your worth in the world, your beauty.
You are beautiful,
the most stunningly, beautiful, unique thing there ever was.
No one can ever be as beautiful as you,
for you are the only you there will ever be. 

You were formed with purpose 
and loved from before you even took a breath. 
When your strength waivers think on these things. 
And if you can't then turn to me, 
turn to me and I'll remind you. 

Hold tight to who you are, 
clutch your strength tightly, 
through the valleys and the mountains 
and along each journey you take 
through all the 'yous' in your life. 

You are strong!
You are beautiful! 

The quote by Tyler Knott Gregson has always been one that stops me anytime I stumble across it. From time to time we all falter, our strength waivers and we feel alone. We have people in our lives that question their beauty and it breaks our hearts. Or there are days we question our own. If today is a day that you need the reminder of just how beautiful you are, I hope this helps! I hope you remember that there can never be another person more beautiful, more unique, than you! You are the only you that God ever made and that is a beautiful and worthy thing. 

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  1. Here today is wednesday and it is shiny day for us. We are enjoying it in the college. At last wednesday i have met with my past teacher which guides me in the . I think all the wednesday of the month i enjoy my life and each wednesday bring some special in my life.


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