Life's Sweet Journey: 5 on Friday

Friday, May 1, 2015

5 on Friday

1.) Garden Update!
My Our happy little garden is growing so much!! The watermelon is basically taking over the world. It is trying to suffocate the carrots, so one side has been cut back, but the other is growing freely outside the boundaries of the box. It is glorious! And now, with the help of a Target dollar spot and a very good friend, it has happy little chalkboard markers to brighten it up a bit. Beats the plastic ones we had any day! Also, does anyone have ideas for how to get the bees to come? We have gotten wildflowers and added them around the garden. I have also tried covering the fence in honey (don't think that's actually a thing, but I thought "hey, why not?"). While I have seen a wasp (no, thank you!!) I have yet to see any bees! Please, help me find a way to make my garden buzz!

2.) Accomplishments!
Ok, this really shouldn't be considered much of an accomplishment, but it makes me happy! I have made it to season 9 in my "watch all the FRIENDS marathon" and I can't lie, I did a little cheer to have made it so far. While I am sad it will soon be over it has been great starting with episode 1 and making it all the way to

3.) Starbucks Happiness!
So I had a friend post an Instagram of the new Matcha craze drink that has started recently. Points to know... 1.) It is mostly really work-outie people who have been posting 2.) I am NOT one of those people (though I could stand to be a little more in between where I am and where they are, winded after two flights of stairs ain't so great) 3.) It is apparently a super food that is a huge metabolism booster, very high in antioxidants, boosts your immune system, reduces stress and many other benefits. 4.) It is YUMMY! and 5.) It is super CHEAP!!! 
That was the main reason I tried it. I am all for a deal, as long as it's a good one! So when I heard I could get anything Venti at Starbucks for under $1.50 I knew I just had to give it a shot. While I doubt it will replace my coffee white chocolate mocha, I will definitely drink it again. Especially on days I want to pretend I am a healthy person!
Venti ice water
3 scoops matcha powder
2 pumps sugar-free vanilla 
Price: $1.37 

4.) Date Night! 
So I went on a really great date night this week and it wasn't with my husband! It was with myself! One of my bucket list items has been to take myself out to a sit down dinner alone. So after a hair appointment on Tuesday (and the thought of white sauce calling my name) I decided to check it off in style (even if I was in a tshirt and tennis shoes)... so I went to Kobe's!! I will admit that the getting out of the car and actually walking in part took a little bit of self-convincing. Once I was there though, it was so nice. I took my book in and read a bit, but then spent some time talking with the other groups at the table and then the rest of the time indulging in the glorious heaping of noodles and rice! The nicest thing though was just time to sit and reflect on how the year has been so far and have some time to think about where it could go. I really recommend dating yourself!! 

5.) And I think we are going to call it quits here, because I really started the 5 on Friday on Monday! So here's to a wonderful weekend! Hope you all have a glorious one :) 

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