Life's Sweet Journey: A Very Merry Disney Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Very Merry Disney Christmas!!

I love Disney at Christmas!! There is so much to see and take in and it is simply beautiful!!

Here are some of my favorite things about Christmas at Disney! 

1.) Osbourne Family Lights 
You just can't beat them! And, it even snows!! In Florida! 
2.) The Trees
I love seeing the trees at all the different parks and resorts!! Each one is so unique. 
3.) The Grand Floridian
If  you are a Disney lover, if you are a Christmas lover, then the Grand Floridian can not be missed. The Grand Floridian is gorgeous no matter when you go, but at Christmas it is just perfection! The trees, the banisters, but mostly? The gingerbread house! Babe and I went the other night and spent almost two hours just walking around. The gingerbread house is covered in hidden Mickeys and we spent a good chunk of time trying to find them all. It's also wonderful to just stand in the middle of the lobby and take it all in. I can't get enough!

4.) Epcot
We are waiting to go to the Candlelight Processional, but I am can't wait to see it now as adult. To see the meaning it will take on when I can understand it more than I did as a child and it was just this thing my parents drug me too when I really wanted to just ride rides. Epcot grows more dear to my heart each time I go. I can't wait to hear the story of Jesus and walk around the world showcase to explore (and eat yummy food) holidays around the world. 
5.) Jesus
Yup, Jesus! I love so much that the true meaning of Christmas is not left out of the beauty that is a Disney Christmas. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing plays through the light show. A beautiful manger scene sits at the opening to a street with endless lights at Hollywood Studies. At Epcot a wonderful cast of people is set to tell the Christmas Story, while a glorious chorus sings about the Good News! It really doesn't get a whole lot better than Jesus and Disney together!!

This year I dropped hints pretty much screamed at Babe that I would love for Santa to fill my stocking up with Disney love (that an honey). I figured since he might need a refresher on some fun stocking ideas that I would share some of my favorite Disney stocking stuffer ideas with all of you. Just join the giveaway below for your chance to stuff your own stocking with a little Disney magic. I will email the winner the day after Christmas! You will get all these fun goodies, plus a few extra Disney surprises. Nothing like getting presents once it's all said and done. All of these little happies are some of my favorites. I especially love the his and hers car toppers, because my Minni always makes my car so easy to spot!!
*Also, if you are ever looking for a cheap souvenier to buy when you visit Disney, head to the Grand Floridian and check out their bath shop on the second floor. Great gifts in general, but for something inexpensive they put together little baggies of the ends of their bar soap that is left over from the bigger soaps people buy per slice.  They are usually about $3 dollars a bag and often full of the Mickey ear soap options.
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  1. Wow, so cool to live so close to Disney! The manager scene is so pretty, that's awesome Disney keeps Jesus as the reason for the season!

    Have you tried the eggnog coffee? I can only get eggnog here at Starbucks, I think I'm going to attempt to make my own this year, it's not Christmas without eggnog :)

  2. I haven't tried the eggnog coffee, I am not an eggnog person. Crazy, I know!! But my husband likes it :)

    And yes, we do love living so close to Disney. Orlando has a lot of perks, but that might just be my favorite!


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