Life's Sweet Journey: TENnessee Thanks for Thursday

Thursday, June 26, 2014

TENnessee Thanks for Thursday

At the beginning of this year I started reading through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It's a book written about her story, God's story for her and her journey of documenting 1,000 gifts. These are meant to be any type of gift God has granted to show life; a sunrise, the soft sound of a babies coo, dirty dishes in the sink that mean a meal has been enjoyed, the life stuff. Well I started out well intentioned, but life kept getting in my way. Meaning, I had totally lost the point!
Even if I may have bypassed the reading a few mornings- or months- in a row, I shouldn't have needed to forgo 'the list'. The list is something that can grow without the writing down, if I only remember to be mindful of thanks. That way I could go through the list, and when able, I could sit and record those thankful things. While in Tennessee, I brought my book and renewed my vow to myself to finish my 1,000 gifts. And so, starting with gift #117 the list below is my...
Ten Gifts from Tennessee
1.) (aka #117)- Tennessee Beauty; God created such a magnificent world for us to take in. 
2.) Sunsets
3.) Cornhole dancing; its an art people, a frivolous, glorious art! 
4.) Lake days 
5.) Bobbing; there is nothing like it and the Tennesseans have perfected it!! 
6) Catching up
7.) Quiet mountain mornings
8.) Cards with cousins 
9.) Side-stitchin' laughter
10.) Rummy rules and "cheating; because according to Babe, if he is not winning somebody must be cheating... let's just say there was a lot of "cheating" going on. 
I love Tennessee. It is the place where my soul goes to find rest. And it surely found some. I left feeling renewed and recharged. Now, to only find a way to keep feeling that way. Alas, reality beckons! 

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