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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Men are cats, REAL men are dogs!

Today on Whatever Wednesdays... Girl Code!

I watched this show with Wally once and thought to myself (or said out loud to be more exact) "What in the world is this craziness?" And then I was hooked and we watched like three straight episodes. She's was just like... "It's Girl Code, duh!" So since Shay would love for us to share some girl code of our own I am going to start with the lovely subject of men and what mothers sometimes say about them! So here goes Melanie's girl code...

"Mother always said, never trust a man who tells you to trust him." - Wisegal (Lifetime movie)
Well, that mama's been around awhile and she knows her stuff! A man tells you "Come on girl, you can trust me" then girl you run the other way!! Kick your shoes off, grab them in your hand, and haul booty. Ain't no reason to play around with that.  And if you find yourself in said situation with said man, you must keep a friend around for back-up. Because we all know how charming "trust me" can sound in the right lighting. True story: Wally and I are finishing up an evening downtown and go to walk her dog (she lived right across the street from the main park in the middle of our downtown area) when we overhear a guy trying to coax some girl to come with him. Red flag #1. We do think this girl may have known this dude, but either way... girl's friend is trying to pull girl down the street in the opposite direction. Girl is not going all too willingly and is instead stopping to hear this guy out while the guy is trying to persuade the friend that it is fine to let this girl go with him. At this point he is getting frustrated and barks at the friend that she can trust him and tries to pull the other girl with him. At that point I decide to just shout "run girl, run the other way" (I don't know what came over me, but I think Walls and I were in the middle of our own man discussion and I was in the heat of the moment). So what does this girl do, she says, "what?! Oh ok!" and literally starts to run the other way. The friend nods us a thank you while the guy gets clearly perturbed and tries to get the girls attention back (she didn't run very far). He must have assumed that the girls were with us because he tells the friend to "go with the other Jackie" (whoever that may be) while pointing towards us and trying to get her to leave her friend with him. Ultimately I think the friend was going to end up winning this situation but after a few minutes of trying to to talk to this poor random girl we went back into Walls apartment.
Moral of the story: Girl, don't trust that player! He's got nothing that you want to put your trust in!

The type of men to trust: Dogs
Men are cats, REAL men are dogs!
I think I heard somewhere (maybe on Girl Code) that the men are dogs saying should be changed. I agree! Though I do not have a dog of my own I had one growing up and this one is growing on me. Dogs? They are loyal, protective, there when you need a cuddle, and can truly be your best friend! They are loving and will have your back at all costs! Trust the dog men! Do not trust cat men. I have a cat. I love my cat! But here is what I have learned about them. Cats are self absorbed, run around your feet whining, mouthing off and begging for attention, if they don't get their way you will be sorry, and they only want you around if there is something you can offer them. Protection? Heck no, they would drop you in a second if some stranger came along and offered any kind of affection (either that or just run right out the door the second it is opened). While I do not think many real men still exist, they are out there. The one living in my house is living proof and though he is off the market there are others like him out there waiting for a good girl to come home to.
Moral of the story: Say no to cat men!

We have each others backs... period! No ifs, ands, or buts! 
1.) The world is tough enough without us being shiesty to one another! 
2.) Do not take another girls man! 
3.) Never let a relationship ruin a friendship! Play nice and learn to get along!  

Moral of the story: Be a chick, not a dude... bro code = no code! 

Play with fire and you might get burned!
This is a literal connotation of the term. The sun is a big ball, made of boiling hot, hotness (let's call it a burning hot fire ball shall we?). Man invented this lovely thing that we call sunscreen.  Before that, God made people and he made some more fair than others. He also made some smarter than others. If you believe that your skin tans different in different areas, well then I think you may occasionally be correct. So there you sit, on the beach, feeling like the top of your thighs are getting burnt and already look darker than the rest of your legs. So what do you do? You put sunscreen just there! You leave the rest of your white legs exposed to the sun, since you are only going to be out for another hour after all. Later in the day, after your shower, you notice a very definitive line down the side of each thigh. Your thighs now look like Bella, while the entire rest of your legs look like Beyonce (or close, you can dream girl, I'll let you)... we shall call this a leg mullet (whiny girl thighs, fierce party calves).  I'm not really sure who you are but it's ok girl, it happens to the best of us. P.S. ouch my calves burn!
Moral of the story: Just sunscreen your whole body dummy! Or let it all fry... but we must have balance!! 

Ok so I don't really know if you were lookin' for all of that but it's... 
 and I do what I want! 

What's your girl code mood at the moment?! 


  1. Lol. Say no to cat me! Yes! I agree!!

  2. sunscreen! always. Even if you're in the shade the australian sun will get you.

    But seriously girls aren't competition, the world isn't going to end because someone made a different choice to you. The sooner we can accept that people don't all want the same things the better off we'll be.

  3. That quote about not trusting a man who tells you to trust him - OH SNAP. I love it. Great post!!

  4. I really like your friendship ethics, you're a good one. I'd totally hang out with you and feel absolutely safe.


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