Life's Sweet Journey

Monday, March 25, 2019

March Favorites

Happy Monday! Cheers to a new week and a very strong cup of coffee! Things have been crazy around here this month, but also so good. We are finally beginning to make a little headway with being able to get Crimson House open, the weather finally turned beautiful AND my bestie moved back to Florida! It has definitely been a month of favorites; here are some of them...

ONE: Celebrations!
I celebrated the fact that my bestie and I are living in the same state again for the first time in two years! Then we all celebrated the wedding of Blake and Christine. Babe made the most handsome of groomsmen. Typically I watch the groom at the wedding, because I love to see the look on his face the first time he sees his bride, but I do have to say I was a little distracted watching my own handsome groom up there. It was such a fun night of dancing and wedding merriment!

TWO: Great Dress Finds on Amazon
As someone who despises shopping, Amazon has truly been coming in handy lately. I have literally worn the exact same outfit to the past 3 or so weddings we have been to, all of which include the same people that have attended the previous weddings. I figured it was time to get a new option, but the thought of going into a store, trying something on and scouring the racks seemed so daunting. So, I scoured Amazon instead and it really paid off! I ordered two different options, in case one didn't work. I really liked this one because of the great pockets, but it ran a little long. Thankfully the second one was perfect!! I am in LOVE with this new dress and it will probably be my go-to for the next 3 weddings we attend! I love outfits with cute backs, especially when they are only $20. I grabbed an extra small, because it was cheaper than then small I would typically get. Thankfully it worked out and it's not too snug, but I would recommend going true to size {unless you're like me and would rather suck it up to save the buck lol}.

Amazon Dress Find for Wedding
This is Bus Skoolie Conversion

THREE: Beautiful School Bus Conversions
We had sweet friends come back into Florida, after working on their school bus conversion up in Iowa. They have truly made a beautifully functional home-on-wheels for their little fam (mom, dad, 1.5 year old and two pup babies)! We spent time sharing our favorite boon docking spots from out time on the road, seeing how their solar power works and just enjoying being with people who don't think you are crazy to want to live in a small space with no settled spot to call "home". It really had us missing road life!

FOUR: More Lifelong Friend Visits
This month has been filled with people! Another of my best friends since childhood is visiting her parents. We got to enjoy brunch with her and her husband after their kid-free getaway and I am heading down to Orlando later today to see her sweet littles before she goes back to Birmingham.

FIVE: New Yummy Places
As part of the wedding weekend the bride and groom invited guests to meet them at Tuffy's Bottle Shop in Sanford the day after the wedding. It was such a good spot! They have a bocce ball court, permanent food truck, frozen Moscow mules AND a cute little camper that makes a fun spot to sit and sip with some shade (and for those that prefer life on the water, there is a dry-docked pontoon to sit in too). Tuffy's Bottle Shop is definitely an awesome vibe for anyone looking for a fun weekend spot near Central Florida!
Tuffy's Bottle Shop Sanford
Crimson House NSB

SIX: Wine Weekends
My aunt and I spent a Saturday doing some wine research for Crimson House at a fundraising event for Orlando Magic's Youth Foundation. We spent a beautiful afternoon at the Ritz sampling wine and chef-made small plates, talking through different options for the wine bar. I may or may not have geeked out over the fact that Art Smith was there cooking up grub, I also may or may not have pointed right at him trying to show Linda who he was and he may or may not have seen me... thankfully he was super cool about it and came over and introduced himself and took a picture. Y'all that man cooked for Oprah!!

March has definitely been good to us! 
Hoping the same for you! 
What were some of your favorite moments recently? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

March Currently

January seemed to last a year, 
February flew by; 
Well, I guess it's HELLO MARCH! 

I'm joining in with Anne for another Currently link up; here's a peek at what things look like for us currently... 

{Scheming} To get my niece on both Tower of Terror and Rock N' Roller Coaster! Babe and I have been trying to get FastPasses for Rock N' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios MGM and I finally booked them two weeks out. I also booked some for my niece as well, knowing it could be risky. I called her a few nights ago to let her know we were going and that I already had FastPasses booked. I gave her the ultimate Disney ultimatum; she could either go with us, but had to be willing to go on the rides I had already booked OR wait this one out and not go this time around. Being her smart almost-8-year-old self, she asked, "what are they?" So I told her one of the rides is basically and elevator with a bit of a drop and that the other was a roller coaster. I know, I know; I might have undersold Tower of Terror by not telling her the name and saying it only had a slight drop, but she didn't even bat an eyelash at it. Rock N' Roller Coaster however she had a bit of an issue with, as her response was "well, I'm not so sure about the roller coaster." I stuck to my guns and told her that was fine, if she didn't want to do the coaster she could just come with us next time. She thought about it for a minute and said, "I guess I will come!" So we head out to tackle them tomorrow! Who thinks we will be able to make it happen? And who thinks they will be wasted FastPasses?! It's really any ones guess! Thankfully the third is Toy Story Mania; so that will hopefully be the buffer that keeps us in the game! 

{Reading} I just finished The Silent Patient for book club; so good!! I usually pride myself on being able to guess what's going to happen in books, but this one had so many good plot twists it was hard to really know what the ending was going to be. I was shocked, in a good way! It was an edgy, suspenseful novel about a woman who is believed to have murdered her husband and then stops speaking- for 6 years. When a new doctor comes in to take over her care he tries to unearth what has kept her silent all these years. As he tries to unravel her story you find yourself right there with him and beginning to wonder if everything really is as it seems... 

I just started The Orphan's Tale and am already enveloped in the story. I usually don't like a lot of history fiction, but I can't put it down. Following the storyline of two different woman around WWII I am only a few chapters in and already so invested in each character and so curious to see how they will intertwine in the end. 

{Buying} All the Disney tees!! Now that we have annual passes again I want all the new cute shirts.

{Making} A lot of to-do lists! We are forging ahead with projects with Crimson House and the to-do lists seem never ending, but we are inching closer and closer to being able to open. Wish us luck!

{Accomplishing} Laundry?! Can that count? Even if I still have a whole basket full of dirty clothes?... Honestly, one of the most frustrating things with opening a business is feeling like you aren't getting a lot accomplished. I know in reality that isn't true and we have come a long way, but it seems like one step forward and two back right now. Anyways, I am counting eating breakfast and getting a load of towels done as stellar accomplishments right now... sometimes it really is the little things!

What does life look like for you currently?! 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Disney Style Fashion Finds on Amazon Under $20

Happy FriYAY! 
After my first Amazon clothing purchase was a success, and then seeing a group of girls wearing the cutest Disney themed F.R.I.E.N.D.S shirts in the parks a few days ago, I have been scouring Amazon for all the Disney fashion finds! There are so many great options and buying on Amazon helps save a few bucks compared to Disney shop prices once you are at Walt Disney World. These are some of my favorite Disney Fashion finds on Amazon: 

Disney Style Fashion Finds on Amazon Under $20
The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go Tee: Because who doesn't love a ride Space, Splash and Thunder!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Epcot International Festival of the Arts is the BEST Epcot Festival

Happy #TravelTuesday adventurers!! 
Where have you been exploring lately? 
Link up at the bottom of this post and let's travel together! 

Most of my travel posts are going to be getting a lot more ear-shapped this year, now that we have Disney World Annual Passes. We've been a handful of times in the last month and most of them have been spent at Epcot and that's all thanks to Epcot's International Festival of the Arts!! This is the third year that this specific festival has been hosted, but it's our first time attending and I must say I think it might be my favorite! 

If you had asked me before I attended I would have told you it was the Flower and Garden Festival (I prefer to spring food choices in comparison to Food and Wine), but I think the International Festival of the Arts just might have it beat and here's why: 

Reasons Epcot's International Festival of the Arts is the Best Epcot Festival

International Festival of the Arts The Best Epcot Festival

Interactive Exhibits 
I honestly think the interactive art exhibits is the main reason Festival of the Arts beats out the other Epcot Festivals in my opinion. I love the paint-by-number art wall! It makes you feel like you are truly apart of the Disney experience. The interactive photo spots are also so much fun! We have only done one so far, but plan to make a another visit before the festival ends so that we can hit up a few more. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Life Currently: February 2019

Anyone else glad January is finally over? 
Did it not seem like we somehow fit an entire year into the span of one month? 

Thankful that February is here and ready to kick off a new month! I'm joining in with Anne for another Currently edition; here's what's going on in my world lately... 

{anticipating} It has been a whirlwind since we got back. Trying to open a business is NO JOKE! Any time I enter a restaurant now I just can't help but think, "how did you get open?!" Even if it's subpar I just think, "kudos to you! Your burger may be dry and the drinks not so pleasant, but you are open and you are making it happen!" We have hit quite a few road bumps, but are inching closer to getting Crimson House open and ready for business. I would welcome any prayers for smooth sailing ahead! 

{making} Harry Potter wine glasses! We went to a wine glass painting night last week and it was so much fun. I of course went rogue and instead of using one of the given templates decided to make my own set of wine glasses. Anyone can have a pineapple; I wanted something that actually fit my wine-sipping soul! 

Harry Potter Wine Glasses