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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Life's Sweet Journey Life Lately

Happy February friends!
Hoping all is well in your world! 
It's the beginning of a new month, and we've been a little quiet on the blog, so I figured it's the perfect time for a little "Life Currently" update. Here is what February is currently looking like for us... 

{Finishing} We just finished our new Road Talk Tuesday video and it is now live over on YouTube. We have had a few questions about what we do on the road, so we answered those questions this week. We both teach English online, while we work on hopefully growing this space into part of our income on the road. Head over to YouTube to catch the new video and subscribe! 

{Subscribing} Now that we are spending so much time in the car we are trying to jump on the Podcast Train! We really haven't listened to very many and are trying to find some that we can enjoy together! We have been listening to other travel couples share their stories on To the Nations Worldwide podcast and are excited to be one of the couples on there soon!Share your faves! What podcasts should we be subscribing to?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Full-Time RV Life || Staying Connected and Happy on the Road

Happy Thursday! 
If you follow our adventures on social media, or have watched this weeks Road Talk episode, then you know it's been one crazy week on the road! 

From our first tire blow out, to no cell service at the campground we were staying at (we teach English online and have to be connected), only to get stuck the mug on the way to our next location, it's definitely been a week of on-the-go learning experiences for us. I figured I would share some tips and tricks we learned that might help you avoid making some of the mistake we made! So here are... 

5 Tips and Tricks for RV Life Travel 

Full-Time RV Life Mistakes || Staying Connected on the road

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our Asheville Brewery Tour

Happy Thursday! 
This week it's been all about Asheville here on the blog and we kicked it off with some amazingly yummy food! Today's it is all about the boozy side of Asheville... come join us for our Asheville Brewery Tour! 

Asheville Brewery Tour

Babe and I have birthdays just two days apart, which we actually find pretty fun, because it means double the celebrating! We spent my birthday checking something off my bucket list (seeing the Biltmore at Christmas) and we spent his doing our own Asheville brewery tour . Asheville's brewery scene is hopping (pun intended)! There is practically a brewery on every corner. We chose five that were in pretty good proximity to each other and made a day out of it! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Biscuit Head || The Best Breakfast {and Lunch} in Asheville, NC

Happy, happy Monday! 
Cheers to a new week!

We are currently set-up at a park in Alabama, visiting a sweet friend of mine who just had a baby! I love that this RV life allows us the freedom to visit for a lot longer than we would have been able to otherwise. 

This week, on the blog, we are sharing all about our time in Asheville! And what better way to kick off exploring somewhere new than with a good meal?! Seriously, y'all! Asheville has some amazing food, but what took the cake for us was Biscuit Head! BEST. BISCUITS. EVER!! 

Biscuit Head the Best Breakfast in Asheville

Biscuit Head has Amazing, Unique Options 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Travel Blogger Link Up // #TravelTuesday 24!

It's time for another #TravelTuesday link up!
And I can't wait to see all of your adventures; especially since I don't really have one of my own to offer! This week has been crazy; frozen pipes, no running water, and no shower in 4 days! This full-time RV life has definitely thrown us quite the learning curve! It all just makes me that much excited to see where in the world you have been... bring on the warmer temperatures!! 

A #TravelTuesday Link Up for Travel Bloggers

Today marks the 24th edition of #TravelTuesday!! This travel blogger link up is 2 years old! I can't believe this has already been going that long! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this little travel link up and the wonderful community that has been created here. I have so enjoyed getting to see all your posts each month, come to know you and your blogs, and "meet" other bloggers as new people link up and join in on the fun! In celebration, I figured why not take a look back at some our journey thus far... 

The very first #TravelTuesday link up

5 of my Favorite Features to Date

- Sam's gorgeous trip to Glacier National Park
- These chill, Hawaiian vibes from Aloha Lovely 
- The beauty of the Northern Lights from Zen Travellers 
- Meghan's wild adventure to Victoria Falls
- This Vegas vacation from Momma To Go 

You all have shared some of the most remarkably beautiful posts and I can't wait to see what other adventures are in store for you as we continue to grow this link up and the awesome community of travel bloggers it brings together. Cheers to all the places we will see in 2018! 

Any adventures already under your belt to kick off the New Year? 
Did you travel to end 2017 in a new place? 
Link up below and let's travel together!! 
A #TravelTuesday Link Up for Travel Bloggers
~On the 2nd Tuesday of every month I will be sharing a new travel post and would love to see where you have been exploring!
~Any linked posts will be pinned under Travel Tuesday on my Pinterest account. 
~Please leave a little love on the post directly before yours and then anywhere else you like! That way we can all grow this community together :) 
~Not many other rules, as I am not a huge fan of those sorts of things! Just add any travel related link and I encourage you to peek around and see where everyone else has been. 
~Feel free to grab the image from the sidebar and add it to your post so others know where to link up.
~If sharing on IG use #LifesSweetJourney for a chance to be featured on my IG account.
~I will also be featuring my favorite post from the month before and sharing across social media. December's favorite was from My Suitcase Journeys! Chicago is super high up on our list of cities to visit, so her post had me adding tons of stuff to our must-do list. A Nutella cafe?! Yes, please! 
Travel Blog Feature: My Suitcase Journeys